Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pre-Teen Angst

I am obsessed with my memories. They are my most prized possession and losing them is one of my biggest fears. I love those conversations that start with "remember when...".

Unless "....we were in middle school" follows. Of all the memories I have and love, my middle school years are not one of them. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would block out those awkward years if they could.

Taylor has recently started Limited Too Tuesday where she shares blurbs from her middle school self. And let me tell you, it is quickly becoming my favorite part about otherwise dreadful Tuesdays. Like Taylor, I too kept a diary of all the trials and tribulations of middle school because let me tell you, there were a lot of trials and tribulations of middle school. And after reading through some of Taylor's past entries, I've decided our pre-teen selves would have been fast BFFs. And we both would have written horrible things about the other in our respective middle school diaries - with code names and everything.

One person that my pre-teen self probably wouldn't be friends with though is my sister-in-law, who is a current pre-teen right now. Solely because I wouldn't be cool enough to be her friend.

Seriously, I could be bias but she's pretty cool for a pre-teen. I wouldn't have been able to hang.

She turns 11 next week and is still only in 5th grade so I guess the awkwardness could still come. But seriously the girl wears infinity scarves. And boots. Like me. I'm sure this could say something about my fashion sense but I'm going to choose to just chalk it up to the fact that she's so cool. 

Also, she has the coolest room ever. The messiest room ever - but definitely very cool. Robbie and I spent the night in Kinston last weekend and stayed in her room. The whole time I felt like I was reliving my pre-teen dream years (minus the bearded boy in bed beside me) because when I was 11-13 I would have killed to have a room like hers.

I mean forreal, that bulletin board. Why is that not in my house?

There's teal and peace signs and zebra print everywhere. And she's got, like, every flavor of Bath & Body Works lotion you could imagine. Those rainbow loom rubber bands kept getting kicked around on the floor. And there was a magazine collage scotch-taped to the back of her door. It was great.

The fact that Robbie's parents "started over" when he was 14 (only 6 months before I met him) makes for such a fun family dynamic. It's definitely different having almost 11-year-old in-laws but it's definitely very cool. We've watched the twins grow up and I'm honestly really proud of the cute little pre-teens they've become.

I'm also glad my pre-teen years are behind me.

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  1. Middle school was helllllll. I would never want to relive my childhood because I wouldn't want to go through that again!