Friday, March 21, 2014

Music Just Sounds Better in Warm Weather

Really everything sounds and seems and generally just is better in warm weather. But music especially.

Like summer concerts on the lawn. And really long, dark hair.

Songs that have been overplayed on the radio so much throughout the months of January-March that my ears bleed when I hear them all of a sudden sound like the best song I've ever heard. As soon as the sun comes out and the temps rise just a bit, I find myself cranking the radio up a little more, singing along a little louder, and participating in stop light dance parties much more frequently. (But never rolling down the windows. My hair hates that ish.)

Even sweet Selena's Come and Get It brought a smile to my face when it came on Pandora during my run the other day.

Sidenote - is Pandora still a thing? I don't own an iPod can't find my generation 1 iPod mini and I'm too lazy to put songs on my phone too cheap to buy new songs on iTunes so Pandora's my go-to but I think I might be the only one. #technologicalchallenged #so2000andlate

Moving on...Mother Nature has had a really hard time with the weather lately. That waist-high pile of laundry I showed you yesterday? Yea, I finally tackled it and four loads later I've washed and dried an assortment of tank tops, shorts, turtlenecks, and sweaters. And while I would like to think that pile of laundry was several weeks' worth it's only been about 8 days since I did laundry last so....yea. Basically Eastern North Carolina has been dealing with a serious case of bi-poal weather lately.

But being the forever optimist that I am, I'm ignoring the forecast for ice next week and choosing rather to focus on the almost 70 degree sunshine I'm enjoying today. And what better way to do that (on #backthatazzup Friday no less) than with some of my favorite warm weather tunes.


  1. I still use Pandora all the time - I find such good new music that way!

  2. Oh my gosh I couldn't agree more. All music (beer, wine, food, everything) is just BETTER WITH SUNSHINE!! I'm also tackling my huge pile of laundry today and the assortment of clothes actually made me laugh as I was sorting it. I mean, shorts and a tank top with fleece lined leggings and a sweatshirt? ALl in the same basket? HOW? Oh, yeah. I live in NC. haha!