Thursday, March 6, 2014

You ole dog, you.

You know how they say sometimes owners start to resemble their dogs. And by "they" I clearly mean the animators of 101 Dalmatians.

DogVacay Blog is a website for all things dog. From boarding to finding a dog sitter to answering the pressing question : "What Does Your Dog's Breed Say About You?"

We all know that I have officially entered the land known as "crazy dog lady". It's okay - I'll gladly admit it. Both of my dogs, and even my childhood dog, Ginger, are bursting with personality. And I often find myself referring to them as if they were little humans, using human-like characteristics to describe them.

I'm always interested to hear what the "stereotypical" dog personality trait is for each breed. For example, Golden Retrievers are usually known as loyal, laid back dogs (and Ginger definitely was). Labs are also loyal, eager to please, and full of energy (which Roxy usually is. She's currently not so full of energy as she's snoring in Willow's bed, that is in fact two sizes too small for her). Dachshunds are typically stubborn. And I read somewhere that they're a really ferocious breed, which I half-way believe. Willow will bark someone to death. But that's about as far as her ferociousness goes. And even that's not very scary. 

And while my dogs do fall into those stereotypes pretty well, I like looking at their other personality traits, the ones I see because I'm obsessed with spending time with them am around them daily and oddly enough, finding similarities between their personalities and my own. (And Robbie's too - you didn't think he'd come out of this unscathed, did you?)

Willow is a ball full of energy. She literally shakes all the time. It could be because she's cold but if you try to put a sweater on her she'll tense up all over and shoot death stares your way until you take it off. It's much more likely that the shaking comes from the abundance of energy she has flowing through her veins - it's like she vibrates from within. If she was a kid, she'd definitely be the one in serious need of some ADHD medication. 

Likewise - if I was a kid, I'd probably be in serious need of some ADHD medication. I don't know how to do one thing at one time. Even right now - I have three different unrelated tabs open on my computer. I'm updating my school website, blogging, and checking email all at the same time. Willow and I both suffer from "oh look - squirrel" syndrome. 

My mom thinks Robbie and Roxy look alike in this picture. 
Seemed fitting for a Doppelganger post

Roxy is a creature of habit. She loves her toys, her house, her spot. She knows without a doubt what time is dinner time and will not so politely bring you her bowl to remind you. She's mostly really laid back but she still gets extremely excited when we have visitors, go on car rides, or play tug of war. She's not quite as social as Willow. She'll jump up on the bed only after Robbie and I have gotten up in the morning. Very rarely does she want to snuggle. She's not opposed to it, but she's equally as comfortable in her bed (or in Willow's) all by herself. 

Likewise - Robbie is a creature of habit. He has things his way and he likes them that way. Compared to me, he's way more laid back about most everything. And while he likes being around people, he's still very much a homebody.


Robbie and I have always been so complimentary of each other - like ying and yang. I like to think we fill in each other's gaps perfectly. And well, I guess you could say our dogs do the same.

I don't know what my personality says about me or what my dog's personality says about them but I do know that they are both an intricate part of our family and I couldn't imagine my life without them and all the little quirks that make them, them.

Oh yea...and I do know I'm a crazy puppy mom. No shame in my game.


  1. Poor Willow baby! I just read the "What does your dog's breed say about you?" and I don't know if its true about doxies having lower separation anxiety... Shelby goes bat shit crazy when I leave or act like I'm leaving!

  2. Oh my gosh! I love this. We have a "pastoral" pup aka australian shepherd. He looks just like the one on the right in that blog post. This is totally right on.

  3. #noshameinmygame <-- I love it! I'm with you on the "crazy dog lady" status, and Marc is slowly recognizing there's no changing that!! Ellie and I have full conversations, she has feelings, and I take her every place I can...I'm not sure which of us has worse separation anxiety! Sounds like we need an Ellie-Roxy playdate sometime =)