Monday, July 28, 2014

Things That (do and don't) Burn My Biscuit

Things that do burn my biscuit....

- Working during the day. Especially when it's sunny and 85. The. Worst.

- People who publicly start countdowns wayyyy too early. "385 days until I say I do." Hello? 385 days is still a long ass time. Public countdowns should not begin until we're in at least in double digits.

- The fact that so many people are already back at school setting up their classrooms. For one, it's too soon. Summer is still in full force...get out and enjoy it. For two, you're making the rest of us look like super slackers.

- When other people aren't on time.

- Crickets that chirp incessantly outside my bedroom window.

- The fact that I haven't been running in over a week and the fact that that bothers me.

- People who jump on bandwagons just for the sake of jumping on the bandwagon.


Things that do not burn my biscuit (and instead make me happy, happy, happy)...

- Dinners and drinks with teacher friends. Le duh.

- The Leadership Training I went to last week. So much good information. So many fun people. So much motivation for the year to come (that I'm bottling up and saving until August because summer is still in full force; see above.)

- Redbox movie nights at home with my family.

- Finally having making time for crafting.

- Robbie. Over and over again.

- Coming home to freshly mowed grass (thanks Carter).

- When blog friends write real books and get them published for the whole world to buy and read and love!

- Holding brand new babies.

- Listening to Pandora All. The. Time.

- Photobooths (only because these pictures are too funny not to share.)


  1. LADY!!!!! You are THE SWEETEST!! I hate we didn't get together on Saturday, but hopefully SOON! (You, me and a bottle of wine, deal?) The running thing? IT'S been SO FREAKING HUMID so I don't blame you ONE bit! Maybe we'll both get out today for a run. <3 you sweet girl!!

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