Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Whadup July?

Holy July batman!
How is it already July?
Don't get me wrong, normally I love the start of a new month. 
There are few better feelings than turning over a blank page in my planner.
But in the summer, I feel like the pages turn way too fast. 
And I just love summer so much...I don't want it to be over. Ever.

Anywho...I feel like now that it's July my summer has officially started. 
I know technically, I've been out of school since the 6th of June.
But with workdays and trainings and then our Mexican vacation I haven't really had much time to cross  some items off my summer to-do list...until now. 

I normally hate these monthly goal posts mainly because I suck at actually keeping them, 
but there are several things that I want to get done this summer before school starts back up.
Plus I made this cute little checklist (because I have way too much time on my hands) to stick on my fridge and keep me on track.

Shred, White, and Blue Challenge found here
Clip Art found here.


  1. Summer definitely always flies by... especially June, I think! Good luck with your goals-- I love that 'keep your tan' is on there hehe :)

  2. I love that you have "don't lose my mexican tan" as a July goal. I expect to hold you to this one, missy!