Monday, July 21, 2014


The whole fam damily. 

Y'all. I don't even know where to begin.
There is not an adjective in the book to adequately describe our trip to Mexico.
Wonderful will have to do, but even that doesn't quite do it justice.

A little back story in case you're new around these parts....

My parents separated when I was 15 (whomp whomp) and it was then that my mom decided to start making meaningful memories with our "new" family unit. Not that the memories we had before weren't meaningful, we just needed some new ones. That summer my mom, my brother, and I went on a cruise and just like that we were hooked. White sandy beaches, clear blue water, all you could eat buffets. Sign us up.

Fast forward to my sophomore year of college when my mom got remarried and we gained not only a stepfather but two new step-siblings. Another shift in family dynamic meant another need for "new family" memories.

My mom and stepdad knew that with four busy teenage schedules, coordinating a week alone would be difficult. We took a few week-long trips to the beach, but living only 45 minutes away meant everyone was constantly coming and going or bringing friends for the day or something else that restricted us from completely "unplugging" as a family of six (seven once Robbie officially came along).

Dragging us out of the country seemed to be the only logical option. Plus finding something all-inclusive was a no-brainer in the money department.

Cue the Domincan Republic in 2012. Our first official "Stedunbert" (our mixed family name) vacation. We hadn't been there two days before we already knew we were going to have to plan another, equally amazing all-inclusive family vacation.

Which brings us to today, well a month ago...when we traveled to the Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexcio.

The food was delicious.
The pools were beautiful.
The alcohol was unlimited.
The people were amazing.

Overall, it was another perfect trip.

Disclaimer: My camera stayed in the room during the day because I was a bum and didn't feel like carrying anything around. Sooooo I have zero pictures of the actual resort, pools, beach, etc. I think my stepdad has some on his camera that might make an appearance in the near future.

5AM flight...ready to go!

As soon as we landed, my brother and I got a cold Corona. The only one I drank while there. It was the domestic beer on special, which kind of blew my mind. 

Night one at the lobby bar. 

"Mar" - my nickname!

Night two (I think).

The ladies. This was right before we ate at an Italian place. The food was delicious, but it was a little too fancy for me.

The cutest boys around.

Love my mama.

Brother/sister tequila shots. Judging by my face...this should have been the end of the night. It was not. I half way regretted that the next morning. 

This might have been our last night? It all kind of runs together. 

Our favorite bar by our favorite pool with our favorite bartender, Alberto (not in the picture). 
Live and die by the swing bar.

I really wanted this sombrero ha. We snagged a picture instead. 

KKCO in Mexico. #hottie

A few notes: Robbie and I traveled all-inclusive for our honeymoon for the first time and we are both such huge advocates for it now. It's a lot of money up front and airfare kicks you in the gut every time (woof) but it is worth every penny and more.

The simple fact that you don't have to worry about money at all once you get there is enough peace of mind for me, the girl who subconsciously keeps a running record of everything spent in her head.

We've now been the Hard Rock in Punta Cana, DR and the Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico and both of these offered such a wide variety of everything. There's literally something for everyone. And it's all included. Massages, manicures, pedicures, paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling.

If you're feeling adventurous there are a ton of different "excursions" you can sign up for (two years ago my stepdad and brother swam with sharks)! Or if you're looking for some serious R&R, you can take your pick of pools, park your tush, and enjoy the free drinks coming your way.

And the food. Y'all. The. Food. There are so many different types of food, you're guaranteed to find something you like. My mouth is still watering over the sushi we ate while we were in Cancun.

Obviously the best part of our vacation was the time we got to spend together. We're all so close, it doesn't take a lot for us to have fun together. It's fun to be able to experience new things together. It's also, always nice, to be able to "escape" for a little while.

And what better place to escape to than something this beautiful?

Come back tomorrow because yes, I am actually blogging AND I have one more really cool thing to tell you about Mexico!


  1. My husband and I went to Cancun on our honeymoon 19 years ago! We loved it! A fun place was something,something Charlies and the Iguana Wanna...... It looks like you didn't even need to venture out! It's nice to get away! :)

  2. Me and Josh got totally spoiled on all inclusive trips when we went to St. Lucia and we are huge advocates for it too, especially staying at resorts that already have restaurants and such! It is so nice to not have to worry about where you're going to eat and then walking out of a restaurant without "paying" your bill makes you feel like such a boss haha. Looks like y'all had a great time, love your face in the bro/sis shot pic haha!