Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We've finally made it to the unpacking/organizing part of this whole moving process. Which of course means we've also made it to the cleaning out and getting rid of part. The amount of stuff we've accumulated in the (almost) year we've been married and living together is a little ridiculous. 

We've toyed around with the idea of having a yard sale (if we can ever get our act together) and we've already become frequent donators at Goodwill. 

But then I made it to my closet
...and realized simply getting rid of "stuff" is a lot easier than getting rid of clothes.
I also realized I have a bad habit of buying things, wearing them maybe once, and then pushing them to the back of the closet. Oops.

So (even though I swore up and down I never would), I thought I'd give this whole Blog Sale thing a go. I don't have much right now because I am suffering a little bit of separation anxiety and I only want to offer y'all the really good stuff. 

Kira Plastinina green dress
Never Worn
Size M (runs small)

Uncle Frank Black Dress
Ruffle Detail on Front
Worn Once
Size XS

Coach Purse (it's not real but soooo cute)

BCBG Shoes
Never Worn
Size 9.5

Robbie was so excited, he even decided to get involved (Thank God).

Columbia Jacket (with hood)
Worn one season
Size XXL

Underarmor Hoodie
Worn once or twice
Size XXL

If you're interested in anything shoot me an email at or leave a comment! All of the prices are negotionable. Really I just need more closet space and I want these things to go to a good home! ;)

Payments will be accepted through PayPal!

Happy shopping! 



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  1. I love that first dress. It's so pretty. Wish I had some extra money to get it, but I'm broke. Ha!