Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I've Learned: Home Improvement Edition

So...I've been doing a lot of thinking lately (I know, this could be trouble).
And I've come to the realization that I have had a cuh-razy year.
When I stop and think about all that has happened and all that I've learned, I tend to get a little a good way of course. 

In the past year(ish) I've graduated college, gotten married, completed my first year of teaching, moved twice, bought a new car, bought a new house, and remodeled said new house. 

See what I mean? Whew is an understatement. 

I figured it only seemed appropriate and necessary to share some of the worldly knowledge (ha) I've gained throughout all these exciting milestones. 

So here goes.

What I've Learned: Home Improvement Edition

1. "It only needs a new coat of paint!" may seem like a small enough task. It's not. 

2. If you can, finish remodeling before moving in. Unless you want to feel like you're camping all the time, constantly on a scavenger hunt for any given item.

3. Do what you can on your own, but don't be afraid to ask (or pay) for help. When your friends say "let me know if you need any help moving/painting/etc." they usually mean it. (If they're good friends.) Just don't take advantage of free help (if you're a good friend, which you should always be.)

4. If you're not using free help, don't overpay for help. Shop around and find the best deal. 

5. Go ahead and kiss random trips to Target good-bye. They will soon be replaced by weekly (sometimes daily) trips to Lowe's.

6. Make lists! I personally have always been a fan of a good list, but list making becomes a necessity when remodeling. Creating a detailed shopping list will help on those never-ending trips to Lowe's mentioned above. Creating a good to-do list will help prioritize what needs to be done. And it is so exhilarating to cross each item off! 

7. My father-in-law is an angel! He's a contractor here in town and we couldn't have done half of what we did without his help! He has been amazing! Be jealous he's not your's, though I guess I could be willing to share his expertise.

8. Limit your Pinterest activity. Seriously. Pinterest is a great way to find cute DIY home projects (how did people ever decorate without it) however, when you're living in a huge DIY home project, Pinterest can be a tad bit overwhelming. Don't go overboard with your Pinspiration activities.

{By the way, if you're not following me on Pinterest, shame on you.
Go check me out boards are pretty fantastic.}

9. Compartmentalize your projects. Start one small thing and finish it before moving on to the next thing. Trust me. Otherwise it will feel like all of your projects are growing instead of shrinking, creating a whirlwind of craziness (and a few unnecessary four letter words).

10. Remember, this is supposed to be FUN! You're turning a house into a home! Don't lose sight of that!

That's it for now.
But don't worry, there's a lot more going on in this brain of mine just waiting to be shared with you lovelies!

For now, I am off for a girls' trip to Topsail Beach followed by a weekend trip to Raleigh. 
(Another important thing I've learned about home improvement, get away when you can....for your own sanity of course.)

Never underestimate the power of a good honey-do list. 



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  1. Hi Marianna,
    WOW!! You do have your hands full!! But these are all great accomplishments. Congrats on the new house. I don't mean to add to your to do list, but I just awarded you the Versatile Blog Award. when you have time head to my blog to get your award!
    Ms Jones Junction