Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gripes and Gratitudes

One of my blog crushes, Raven
does this often. 
She gripes about things worth griping about
(because sometimes griping just does a girl good).
And gives gratitude (is that grammatically correct?) 
to all things wonderful and gratitude-worthy.

(I guess my first gripe should be the English language,
because apparently I'm struggling with it today.)

Anywho....I think she normally does this thing on Friday
but I've got nothing else for ya today 
so here goes. 
Consider it an early Friday present!

Gripes first.

Blow-drying my hair has got to be the worse activity I do all day.
While I've gotten it down to a perfect science,
it only takes about 5 min,
they are the worst 5 min of my life. 

The Walking Dead. Talk about a ridiculous show. 
I'm not sure why, now, all of a sudden,
my husband has become so obsessed with it. 
We have this thing, 
where we pick a TV show and watch the whole season
from start to finish. 
First it was Sex and The City
(my personal fav).
Then Friday Night Lights. 
Pure Gold.
I still miss those sweet Taylors.
Then, it was Entourage. 
Which was funny and entertaining enough.
But for some strange reason, he thought The Walking Dead
would be a good follow-up. 
Ugh. The only thing worse than flesh-eating zombies are vampires.
Don't even get me started on vampires.

Blog drama. Lately there's been lots of negativity 
floating around these here blog parts.
Well, not my blog parts specifically. 
But a lot of the knee-slapping, huh-larious, witty blogs I follow
have been getting some serious hate. 
Make it stop. Cyber-bullying is ridiculous.
Besides, that's what Facebook is for.


My husband and his speedy laundry folding skills.
Although he can't pick a TV show worth a darn
(see above)
he has mad laundry skills. 
Not only will he start it, but he'll fold it
(because we all know that's the worse part)
and he can do it so quick. 
Reason number 397384729394 why I love that little studmuffin.

Yogurt. Not frozen yogurt.
The real, fruity, good-for-you yogurt.
I feel so refreshed and healthy when I pack you in my lunch.

Comments like this one from my sweet first grade babies.
(Given to me the day I didn't have time to take a shower)
"Mrs. Dunn, you look so pretty today. I hardly even recognized you."
Angels, I tell ya. Sweet angels. 

Mexican night with my teacher friends.
It's become a pretty regular thing.
And I am definitely a fan.
Girlfriends, margaritas, chips and salsa, 
and our own version of "kids say/do the darndest things"
are definitely key components to my sanity each week. 

Happy Thursday friends! 
You've almost made it through another week! 

Now go visit Raven, forreal. You won't be disappointed. 


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  1. Blow drying is sincerely the worst part of my whole life. I once blogged that I'd rather lose a pinky than do it. I'd shower ten times a day of my hair came out looking done.