Friday, September 7, 2012

Babies, weddings, margaritas...oh my!!

Oh Friday, we meet again.

I'll admit....I'm flogging today.

{Flogging - forced blogging.
And no, unfortunately I am not witty enough 
to come up with that one on my own.
I read it on one of your blogs,
I just can't remember which one exactly
because, well, it's Friday and I'm drained.

why the forced blogging you ask?

Meet Elias Matthew
aka THE cutest baby in the world.

He was born (right on time) yesterday morning 
and I have been gooey with baby love ever since.

Remember this sexy pregnant lady?

Well now she's a sexy mama.
(I mean, seriously. If only we could all look as good 
as she did after birthing babies.)

I got to cuddle that sweet, 6 pound bundle of joy 
yesterday afternoon.
Followed by a 2 hour dinner date with some girls from school
(have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my coworkers).

And between the baby love and margaritas 
there was just no energy left for a blog post last night.

Unfortunately Fortunately (I'm not really sure which),
my brain is now being occupied by thoughts of the weekend
which will be spent at the beach celebrating the marriage
of two wonderful people.

Who also happen to be a brand new aunt and uncle.
As of yesterday!

That's right.
Two sisters
Baby today.
Wedding tomorrow.
They like to do it big in their family!

So it's only normal that my brain 
would have a hard time wrapping itself around anything else, right?
Eh, normal? Lazy? Whatevs.

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