Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall, Football, and Grey Hairs

As always, 
the weekend was way too fun
and way too short.
If you follow me on Instagram,
you've probably already seen most of these.
(sorry in advance)
and if you don't follow me on Instagram...
shame on you!

We road-tripped to Raleigh (dropping the dogs off at the grandparents' house first) to celebrate the first day of fall the only way we knew how... a football game.

Robbie actually got to go to two football games.
Lucky ducky.
He scooted over to Chapel Hill for the UNC vs. ECU game on Saturday morning.
Then met us for the NC State vs. Citadel game on Saturday night.

P.S. Speaking of football,
Isn't this the cutest door wreath thingy you've ever seen? 
A girl I went to college with made it for me and I. Am. Obsessed.

We met up with my mom and step-dad Friday night 
and piled into one big hotel suite together. 

The girl who notoriously always packs too much 
has apparently lost her touch. 
Hence the fact I had to wear real shoes with my jammies
(because, despite my love for being barefoot,
 I do not walk around hotels without shoes on....ever.)

While we were there we also met the Very Hungry Caterpillar...
well, we found his tracks at least.

Saturday was filled with lots of red, lots of food, and lots of fun!
Just how I like it.

It was all I could do not to jump up there with those cute little wolfies.

Even Robbie was able to put on red (after wearing purple all day, of course). 

 And all too soon, it was time to head home.
But don't you worry, 
the nice, 70 degree, fall breeze 
made the ride much more enjoyable.

Oh, and in case my headache Sunday morning 
wasn't enough of a reminder 
that I am no longer in college
I found this doozy of a grey hair first thing this morning.

Happy Monday....

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