Monday, September 3, 2012

New Obsession

Well folks, it's official.
My name is Marianna and I'm addicted to a blog.
Yes, a blog in particular. 
And no, it's not my blog.
(Although I do think she's pretty fly.)

I am addicted to Glennon Melton's blog Momastery.

I literally spent hours yesterday reading over her entire blog
(which is pretty huge and pretty amazing.)

I had seen her blog pop up in blogland once or twice,
she is a pretty legit blogger after all,
but hadn't really thought twice about it. 

Then I read about her on Kelle Hampton's blog, 
(another one of my obsessions) 
and I was hooked. 

Now, don't get me wrong. 
There are several blogs that I read daily.
(And when I say several, I mean kind of a lot.)
And they're all different. 
That's the best part of this whole blogging biznaz. 

I have my fellow teacher blogs that I love and steal ideas from regularly.
I have my puppy mom blogs that celebrate their furbabies' birthdays all week long and teach me how to  use my pups for beer transportation.
I have my real mom blogs that talk about putting tin foil on their windows to keep their kids asleep until 9AM (brilliant, I tell ya, brilliant.)
I have my random pile of blogs that talk about anything from drinking one too many blue moons to naked Prince Harry and everything in between.

That's only to name a few.
(Like I said, several really means thousands.)

And while all of those blogs are fun and keep me laughing daily,
my favorite blogs to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon with on the couch
are the ones written by real writers. 
Ladies that have the most gorgeous, eloquent way of saying everything. 
Ladies that have such a positive outlook on life 
and use their little piece of blogland with one purpose in mind:
to share that outlook with others.
Ladies that open up and show their vulnerabilities and mess ups with complete strangers. 

Glennon is the epitome of that blogger. 
(Yes, we're on a first name basis - I'm in love with her, remember?)
She has a passion for life that jumps off the screen and reaches down to my soul. 
She speaks of love and equality and building people up.
She talks about teaching our children the important things in life - loving each other. 
She talks about her flaws and sometimes gets angry.
But sometimes she gets silly. And always she gets real.

Judging by the 192 comments she has on some of her blogposts,
I'm sure she's already aware of how inspirational she is.
But it never hurts to hear it again.

Glennon, if you're reading (which I would literally pee my pants if you were), I have been rocked to the core by your blog. I love everything you stand for and respect you so much for being brave enough to share it all. This world can be a hard, scary, "brutiful" place but with people like you standing up for what is good and positive in the world, things do get a little less scary. 

And all of you other delightful followers,
know that I love you and your blogs too!
I really have become quite infatuated with blogland.
In fact, many of our dinner table convos start with,
"on this blog I follow..."

Go check out Glennon if you're needing a little inspiration.
It is a Monday after all.

Love and hugs,

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