Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Carpe diem

Supposedly that means "seize the day".
But I don't speak Greek.
And seizing the day can be overwhelming.

I used to be one of those people that lived by the moto:
why put off for tomorrow what you could get done today?

Well, I'll tell you why.
Because yes, I could go ahead and fold the clean laundry
and wash the dirty dishes,
and sure why not make the bed while I'm at it.
It could get done today, 
so why put it off until tomorrow?

Because I like to sleep
and eat
and spend time doing absolutely nothing with my husband.

As a teacher, one of the most valuable lessons I had to learn
was that sometimes, you do just have to put things off until tomorrow.
Even if they could technically get done today.

You have to prioritize.
Yes, lesson plans that need to be taught tomorrow
need to get done today.
Dirty dishes can't sit in the sink forever
(that attracts bugs and you do not want bugs).
And the laundry needs to be folded pretty soon
or else you'll have wrinkly clothes.

But sometimes it just won't all get done.
and that's okay.

When I first started this post,
just like every other post,
my goal was to be upbeat and witty.
But sometimes I just have to be real.

I've mentioned before how stressed out I get.
Even over stupid things that shouldn't stress me out.
Robbie has to constantly remind me to stop talking about certain things
because I'll get all worked up over something
that really is nothing.

With school starting back,
I've had to work extra hard to stay organized and be on top of things
and to also realize what can and can not wait until tomorrow.

It's an uphill battle for sure.
I have to make myself turn my brain off at night
and stop thinking about all the things left to do.
I also have to rely on help
(something else I'm not very good at).

But, I already feel like I'm off to a better start this year than I was last year.
I'm definitely starting to figure out the balance
of being productive,
but also being rational.

Life's too short to work all the time
at anything.
Sometimes you just need an afternoon
(or three)
to prop your feet up and watch Sex and the City for the trillionth time.

Moral of the story:
don't be a lazy slob.
Continue to seize the day
just don't let yourself get overwhelmed with all that seizing.
Trust me, it can be exhausting.
Even for rockstars like us!

Happy Tuesday! :)




  1. I tracked back in on Monday so I am trying to be make sure I am still getting chores done and not just laying around when I get home from work!

  2. Love this - sooooo incredibly true!

  3. HUGS! So true. I did my laundry last week and they are clean.. but they havent been folded. They are just lying on my bed...and I have been sleeping next to them. Life is too busy for me to fold clothes.
    sorry was that TMI? lol