Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Day After...(again)

Sorry I've been MIA lately. 
The weekend was, well, the weekend.
Just a tad bit cooler than the usual version of my weekend.
Friday night movies and cuddles with my boos,
Saturday football games, 
and lazy 95-hour long Sundays
(thanks for that one daylight-savings time).

Pretty typical.

Yesterday I was a little preoccupied with all the excitement.
As you may have heard,
it was a pretty big day.

My most favoritest step-sister turned 20. 

This was us right after our parents started dating. 
How quickly they grow up.

Oh, and there was this little thing 
called the presidential election going on. 

I don't know about you,
but I sure am glad that thing is over.
If you're anything like me, 
you probably spent your day rockin out to this cute little jam

and avoiding Facebook and Twitter.

Now here we stand, 
the day after.
And, like me, I'm sure you're left with a lot of really important questions.

what obnoxious thing is going to take over my Facebook newsfeed now?
The way I see it, 
people will spend a few days complaining/celebrating/coming up with excuses about the outcome.
Eventually, things will get back to normal
and our newsfeeds will once again be filled with 
those baby update aps,
Farmville requests,
and those stuuuuupid "like if you have a heart, keep scrolling if you're a zombie" kind of thing.

Speaking of zombies,
The Walking Dead may have officially sucked me in.
I know. I'm a disgrace.
I still don't like it, 
and think it's quite possibly the stupidest thing on TV right now
(at least until The Bachelor starts again)
but I can't help but wonder what's the deal with the Mayor 
and be shocked with the fact that both Lori and T-Dog died.

Now that this election biznaz is over,
what's going to happen to all the Romney bumper stickers? 
Do they get ripped off immediately,
or left on for a few more months out of spite?
And those signs in everyone's yards...
where do they go now?
From what I hear, our landfills are reaching maximum capacity
(not that I'm a huge environmentalist who's too concerned about this)
but if I'm made to feel guilty about drinking bottled water,
I can only imagine the guilt surrounding those wasted campaigning signs.

How many people are really going to move to Canada?
You've heard it all before folks.
"If ___________ wins the election, I'm outta here."
Does that really ever happen?
I hear Canada is preeeeetty chilly this time of year.
Not sure it's worth it.

All kidding aside,
I hope you voted yesterday.
And that you're American enough to support our President,
regardless of how you feel about him.
I think we can all agree that America isn't in the best place right now,
but arguing with and blaming others is not going to get us where we need to be.
Now, more than ever, we need to band together.
And focus on rebuilding this country to what it used to be.
A UNITED States of America.

Our forefather's would be ashamed of some of the things we've got going on right now.
I mean....this guy entertains our children for crying out loud.

We've got to do something here.

ONE nation under God


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  1. I'm so happy this election is over and I can't wait for the bachelor!!