Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Confessions

I know normally Confession Friday 
actually happens, you know, on a Friday.
But I've always felt like it might be better served on a Monday.
I feel like there might be more things that need to be confessed after a weekend
than a week.
But hey, that could just be me.
And every college student from here to Texas. 
So here we go....


I confess that this happened.

Yep. That's me.
On the right.
Dressed as a vampire. 
I also confess....I kind of liked it.

Back story - 
Every year our local Partners in Education 
host a bowling event for the schools in our county.
Each school that chooses to participate
gets to come up with a theme,
team name, and costumes,
and is eligible to win all sorts of prizes throughout the event.

Each year, one school takes home the prize for Best Spirit.
Since I scored a maximum of 25 points bowling ten frames on Saturday,
Best Spirit is always the one we try to claim.

This year we (everyone but me) decided our theme would be Twilight
and we would dress up as vampires.

One of my teammates, also known as our honorary Bella.

In case you're new to these parts, 
I am not a big Twilight fan
At. All.
I don't get what all that hype is about. 
I think the Cullens are weird.
Kristin Stewart is THE worst actress to have ever graced the silver screen.
And vampires. Come on.
They're ranked right up there with zombies.
At the top of the list of most stupid fads around right now.

With that being said,
I agreed to channel my inner Alice Cullen
(because she can read the future 
and is a semi-cool vampire)
and take one for the team.

It definitely paid off,
because we won....again. :)

This was me and my assistant last year. 
We were the "Fruit Bowlers"

And as always, we had a BLAST.
I seriously, work with the best girls around.
And I didn't completely hate my vampire get-up.
(Though the teeth did almost gave me lock jaw.)


Speaking of vampires...
you know those 42 billion crazy people 
who went and saw Twilight this weekend.

I may or may not have been one of them.

I still stand by my anti-Twilight rant.
Kristin Stewart still sucks.
Vampires are still weird.
And I'm glad the saga is finally coming to an end.
Also, if you're above the age of 17,
you should not whoop and holler when 
Jacob takes his shirt off.
Yes, middle-aged woman in the row in front of me.
I am in fact talking about you.

But, since these are confessions...
the movie was well done
and I did somewhat enjoy myself.

Since I, obviously, have not read the books
I was pretty surprised throughout the whole thing.
But so was the entire theater,
so either the movie didn't follow the book at all
or all of the classy people in New Bern 
(ahem middle-aged squealer)
didn't read the book either.
I'm going with the latter. 


I confess that our Christmas decorations are no longer in the attic.

They are, however, still in boxes in the garage.
I am not, no way no how, decorating before Thanksgiving.
Which thankfully is Thursday because 
I am having an extremelyyyyy hard time resisting.

Robbie and I spent Sunday perusing the Christmas aisle at Target
daydreaming of all the wonderful decorations we'll get to put up in a few days.

I also pulled this out for a few hours.

It's Willow's Christmas bandana,
"Santa's Little Yelper".
Cute, right?
I got it at the end of last season on sale
and was so excited I let her prance around in it for a few hours.

We took our Christmas card picture too.
But that is it.
No more Christmas, I promise.
Not until Friday.


Taylor Swift has officially gotten on my nerves.
Don't get me wrong. 
I jumped on the Taylor first,
back when she was still singing Teardrops on my Guitar and Tim McGraw.
And I did my fair share of rocking out to 
her iconic break-up songs
(Should Have Said No and Picture to Burn anyone?)

But ever since she straightened her hair
I've just had enough.
I one has been scorned by that many guys.
And if you have, I'm pretty sure the English language 
has quite the saucy name for ya, dear.

I'm tired of her taking over every. single. awards show. 
(And for still acting surprised and innocent with those doe eyes.)
I'm tired of her taking over every. single. magazine cover. 

You can't be featured on one magazine,
in a church girl, innocent cardigan sweater, 
and on another in a voluptuous purple dress.
Well, I guess you can.
But again, I'm pretty sure the English language 
has a name for that one too.

I confess...I did not buy Red,
and I've just had enough of this girl.


Lastly, I confess that I went to bed at 9:45 Saturday night.

Vampires, Christmas decorations, anti-Taylor Swift attitudes, and grandma status bedtime.
Lame. I know.

But whew. 
I feel so much better getting that off my chest. 

Now I'm off to enjoy my Monday,
which is really my Wednesday, 
which means enjoying it is actually a possibility.


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  1. I feel you. I hate the twilight thing. I probably would enjoy it but i refuse. I also do not like taylor swift. After the song were never getting back together I was through with our relationship!