Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Girl Crush

As of next month, 
I will have been blogging for a year,
which is pretty exciting.

Throughout that year (and the several years before
being brave enough to start my own blog)
I've stumbled across some pretty amazing blogs
that belong to some pretty amazing ladies.

One of those is the lovely Erin herself at Living in Yellow.
This girl is like a blogging genius. 
For one, she's hilarious.
Her blog has reached heights I'm sure she didn't even think possible.
She also came up with this pretty cool link up 
that I'm sure 50 thousand other bloggers are participating in today. 

And since, I have been feeling a little disconnected lately
I feel this is the perfect time for me to share the love with some of my favorite blogging ladies.


Erin at the newly transformed Two Thirds Hazel.

Even though we've never met in real life,
I know if we did, we would be best friends forever.
Not only is she cute as a button, girlfriend has a "tell-you-like-it-is/sarcastic" way of writing
that will literally leave you laughing out loud. 
Like that one time she wrote about her, well "Britneys" in general.
She throws back Blue Moons like it's nobody's business
and occasionally finds cute puppies on the streets of New York to cuddle.
You can read all about my future trip to New York to visit Erin here.
Seriously, I'm in love with this girl.


Bonnie at the Life of Bon.

(I mean she used to have pink hair. How could you not love her?)

I consider Bonnie to be like, a real writer.
Her blog posts usually mirror some of my exact same thoughts and ideas
only in a much more eloquent way.
Like the time she wrote about high expectations for teacher workdays.
Or the art of not being busy (something we should all try to do a little more often).
She's a fellow teacher too, so you know I love her for that
particularly when she gives classroom updates.
(It was really hard for me to pick my favorite classroom post. My advice would be to just go read them all.)


Bonnie also has got this really cool 
blogging book club happening right now.
I, of course, signed up with eager excitement 
and failed to read last month's book (whomp)
but there's still hope for March. 


Taylor at the Daily Tay.

Yet another hilarious blogging genius.
I live for her Daily Tay's Best Week Ever Posts
She recently lost her job and as been fighting the return of her alter-ego,
however, I think she just needs to stop fighting it.
For one, Unemployed Girl sounds fun.
And for two, Taylor could definitely be a professional blogger.
Yep, she's that good!
I mean, hello? Look at The Browse.
She also has a super cute dog who's always having some adventure,
and you know I'm a sucker for adventurous, cute dogs.


Raven at Don't Quote the Raven.

Raven is one of the most controversial bloggers I know.
This girl says exactly what is on her mind and makes no excuses for it.
Reason number one why I love her.
Even if you don't agree with what she has to say,
you have to respect the fact that she doesn't give two shits about what anyone thinks.
I also love the fact that by reading her blog,
you can feel the love she has for her kids,
however, you're not dripping in sticky sweet "my babies are the best babies" nonsense afterward.
Raven is what I like to call a "real" mama who thinks her boys hung the moon
but still gets a good laugh when they get thrown off the snow tube
or have to go to the dentist.


Lauren at On a Lighter Note.

I started following Lauren's blog a few months ago
and have just grown to love her.
Not only is she is a fellow Eastern North Carolinian
but she is also the cutest little mama to 2-year-old Sawyer.
Lauren is kind of everything I'm not, which is another reason why I love her.
She's a big reader,
posts about affordable fashion often,
and is a self proclaimed terrible driver (oh wait, that is something we have in common).
She also has the best crafty ideas. I stole this one for my own home decor inspiration.
Basically, she's the
Go say hi!


Jamie at Simple Southern Ways is another blogger that I am quickly falling in love with.

How cute is she? She's currently planning her wedding
and I have a feeling it will be as southern and classy as she is.


Sheree at The Hartungs Blog.

First of all, she is absolutely gorgeous.
And that alone is enough reason for a girl crush.
But she also takes amazing pictures
and cooks delicious recipes.
Her blog, is like a breath of fresh air.


Whitney at I Wore Yoga Pants to Work.

Because let's be real,
who doesn't want to wear yoga pants to work?
Honestly, her weekly Whitney's What The? Wednesday posts
(say that three times fast)
is enough to keep me coming back for more.
Also, her tweets are almost more entertaining than her blog.
She also breaks into her own house
and gets drunk at visits Disney World on the reg.


Kate at Set the Circus Down.

1. Her blog header has circus elephants in it.
2. She's the cutest pregnant lady I know.
3. She recently did an entire post of LOL! So True pictures. Hilarious.
And all so true.


Kristen at This Radiant Life.

Kristen is also currently planning her wedding,
but like all good brides
she has already realized the importance of wine throughout this process.
She also had some pretty insightful (and hilarious)
thoughts on time management the other day.


I'm going to stop there,
though I honestly could get keep going for days.
I've said it before, I like reading blogs.
Besides, all this girl loving is getting Robbie a little concerned.
I think the word "stalker" was thrown out there.
Pshhh. Silly boy.

Be sure to head on over and check out some other fun blog crushes.
Or better yet, link up your own!
Everyone loves getting love!



  1. Oh my god girlfriend this is the best and I love you right back! Why didn't I think to make a category for blog best friend?! Thank you so much for all of your sweet words :) And you are absolutely making that trip to throw back some moons with me.

  2. What a well thought out and sweet post! Loved reading about all these awesome girls and their blogs!

  3. forgot to add I am beyond honored to be included :)

  4. You're too sweet, I was so happy when I found your blog too, it's nice to see another ENC girl in blog world! This may be the first time someone has ever used the word "little" to describe me before also haha!

  5. oh my gosh you are amazing. I loved this whole post and how you described everyone. Thank you SO much for including me, you are too too sweet. also love that you chose THAT picture hahah!!! a girl with a sense of humor...after my own heart!

  6. You are so sweet! Thank you so much for the inclusion, and if you ever want to come to CO and help with wedding planning, I'll have all the wine you could ever want/need waiting for you =)

  7. Thank you soooo much for including me next to some seriously amazing people!!!