Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I have been so MIA lately.
And I wish I had a good excuse,
except I don't.

I promise to catch up on emails ASAP.
I also promise to catch up on blog reading
because, let's be real, 
reading y'all's blogs is the best part of blogging.
le duh.

But until then,
I'll leave you with these warm and fuzzies.

{Sidenote: we played Freeze Dance at school yesterday,
and if you haven't witnessed 22 First Graders dancing to KidzBop,
you are missing out.
They've definitely got the moves like Jagger.}

Happy Humpday Batman!


  1. OMGGGG the doxie puppy! I remember when my baby was that itty bitty!

  2. haha the dog with the cone on his head and the baby looking it never gets old!

  3. ahhh so cute!! love doggy pics and baby pics :)

  4. Umm yes you have been MIA for a very long time. Come back to me.