Tuesday, July 2, 2013

4th of July Crafting

Thanks to the ridiculous amount of rain and overcast grey skies around these parts lately, 
I've had lots of time to comb over Pinterest.
And thanks to the extra sleep I got last week at the beach, 
I felt energetic enough to actually do some fun, crafty things. 

With it being 4th of July week (holy cow - where did June go?) 
I have been in a very red, white, and blue mood.
Hence my newest door hanger.
I've seen these burlap hangers all over the place 
and actually purchased a personalized football one last year. 
But the DIYer in me couldn't just get by with purchasing one.
I had to make my own.

I will say, I am not nearly as talented as the sweet girl who made mine 
(you can check out more of her stuff here or here)
but I had some extra burlap laying around 
and they are kind of fun to make. 

- burlap
- paint
- hot glue (aka the best thing since sliced bread)
- wire
- ribbon

Step 1:
- Decide what shape you want to do. Cut your burlap accordingly. You'll need a front piece and a back piece of whatever shape you choose. For this project, I also cut an extra star just for embellishment. 

(Sidenote: I've mentioned before how much I hate working with burlap. It's hard to cut, it frays, and it doesn't hold paint well. Wine and patience help with these frustrations. Buuuuut the end result is always worth it.)

Step 2:
- Paint your pieces. For this one I only painted the front piece but others I have done (and the one I bought) had the back painted too. This is where Robbie would huff and puff because of my half-ass attitude when it comes to painting. Whatevs. 

Step 3:
- Decorate the pieces as you see fit.

By the way, using last week's Harris Teeter sales paper as a backdrop is always a good touch.

Step 4: 
- Hot glue the back piece of burlap to the front piece only on three of the four sides. Leave the top open for stuffing. 

Step 5:
- Using plastic bags (and that Harris Teeter sales paper) for stuffing. You can use as little or as much as you would like. 

Step 6:
- Add any extra embellishments.

Step 7:
- Add wire to the top for hanging. I used picture hanging wire and just pushed each end through the holes in the burlap. I "knotted" the ends so it wouldn't go back through and I only pricked my finger three times. 

Step 8:
- Add festive ribbon the top for added flair!


Now you've got yourself a fancy pants burlap door/window hanger. Patriotism is an added bonus!



  1. If the rain doesn't go away before thursday I am going to throw a temper tantrum!

  2. Very cute! Have you tried using spray paint for this? I think it would probably be a huge time saver!