Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Metro Station Spectacles

One of my most favorite things about visiting big cities is public transportation. I know that sounds so silly and for you ladies who actually live in big cities, I'm sure it's the one thing you hate the most.

But y'all - the people watching that can be done on a metro/subway are AH-MAZING!! Seriously, I think I could just ride the metro in DC all day long and watch the vast variety of people that get on and off. (Or at least until I got motion sickness, cause let's be real. That's a serious concern.)

This time in DC I learned a lot on the metro. No I still can't read a map completely by myself. I halfway understand it and halfway just follow Robbie. But I did learn one very important lesson about how to determine who actually lives in DC and who is just visiting. 

{Sidenote: There's a fine line between being a blogger and a tourist. More on that later.}

People Who Actually Live in the City:

- travel by themselves.
- always have headphones in.

- can stand without losing their balance every time the train starts and stops.
- are preoccupied with their iPhones. 

{Sidenote #2: If you don't have an iPhone, I'm not sure what exactly you're doing with your life. Literally 95% of the people I saw this weekend had an iPhone. And I saw a lot of people this weekend.}

- can actually understand the conductor (or whatever the metro driver is called) when they speak on the intercom.
- knows how many stops until their stop. 
- wears tennis shoes with business clothes. The tennis shoe/pencil skirt/panty hose combo was my fav.

- they actually move to the middle instead of crowding the doors.
- they roll their eyes at non-city people. 

People Who Are Only Visiting the City:

- travel in groups often with young children.
- talk to each other really loudly.
- are wide-eyed about everything.

- spend the entire trip looking at the map.
- ask "is this our stop" at every stop.
- crowd the door as soon as they get on the train.
- call the metro "the subway" (apparently the subway is only in New York, as someone so loudly pointed out in the metro this weekend. Not sure if this is completely true but eh, we'll go with it.)
- wear tennis shoes and jorts, perfect for seeing national monuments. 

Now, obviously I don't live in DC. So I know technically I fall into the second category. However, since I've been studying up on all this and have learned some valuable tricks, I try extra hard to at least make it look like I belong in the first category. 

The only thing I can't get away from is the wide-eyed stare. Everything I see in the city is the coolest thing I've ever seen and I know I am googly-eyed the whole time there. Whoops.


P.S. I know this post was written about the DC metro...but I see a lot of these same things in my other favorite city. And I also found THIS that you should definitely go check out because it is hilarious. 

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