Monday, July 1, 2013

Go Home, Google Reader - You're Drunk

I think the only person hating Monday more than me right now is Google Reader (and Aaron Hernandez, but that's a whole other story). Truth be told, I'm still not really sure what Google Reader even is, or was, but apparently it's a big friggin deal, or was a big friggin deal.

With all that being said - make sure you follow me on BlogLovin bishes! ;)

Moving on. I'm hating Monday right now because it's the first "real" Monday I've had in a while. After a week at the beach and a rainy weekend full of Pinterest crafts (and wayyyy toooo many snacks) I'm back to work (hopefully) making lots of doll-hairs. We shall see. 

In the meantime, let's do a little vacay recap. Via pictures obviously, cause word's are just too much right now.

The week started early for Robbie, Carter (my brother), Sam (my step-brother), and I as we headed down to Topsail Beach, NC on Saturday night. Somehow I ended up with the three musketeers playing Scene It! EPSN Edition.

Note: I know nothing about sports, sorry Sarah

The rest of the fam made it down Sunday and our week of fishing, beaching, and relaxing began.

We were there for the annual Salmon Family Reunion so of course there was a ton of time spent with the most adorable cousins ever. #sorrynotsorry

I went kayaking with my giant of a brother. We rocked it out.

I would also like to note that I stuck to my gluten-free diet The. Entire. Week. No beer (this was HUGE). No fried seafood (another biggie). And No non-gluten-free baked goods. Yet I was still able to enjoy deliciousness like this. 

And the sweet, sweet woman who started it all. Love that Mema.

Robbie and I stayed with my parents and siblings (all seven of us) in one house and were within walking distance of the rest of our extended family. The funny thing about week-long family vacations like this one where we were in pretty tight quarters is by the time the end of the week rolls around, you're more than ready for your own space and your own "way' of doing things. However, as soon as Robbie and I got home I couldn't help but miss the loud chaos that had become the backdrop of the week.

Till next time Topsail.


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