Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blogger vs. Tourist: One in the Same

Whenever I travel I try desperately to not portray the "I'm-a-tourist-I've-never-been-here-before" look. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure regardless of what I wear, do, or say I still scream "tourist". But that's neither here nor there.

When Robbie and I went to DC last week I got to thinking - bloggers always look like tourists. Vacations are full of blogging material, especially if you go somewhere new or completely different than where you're from. The food, the places, the people. There's blogging material left and right.

However, in order to capture all of this blogging material you tend to portray the touristy look. And the crazy thing is, this can happen on vacations to new places but it also can happen in your very own town.

Allow me to explain.

1. Tourists always travel with a camera. If you're a good blogger, you too should always travel with a camera.

Yea, take my picture here! 

2. Toursits use said camera to take pictures of everything. Again, if you're a good blogger, you too should take pictures of everything - particularly food. Yes, always food.

Even extra greasy baseball food counts. 

3. Tourists typically can be spotted based on what they're wearing. As can bloggers. For example, comfortable walking shoes = tourist. Maxi skirt, bauble necklace, top knot = blogger.


Three is all I got, but I think I made some pretty valid points. I mean, for so many of us blogging is like one big digital scrapbook/journal anyway. So just like tourists, we try desperately to soak in every experience that we can in order to record it away later so we can forever have that memory to hold on to. Whoa....how's that for some deep thinking!



  1. Haha couldn't agree more! I had a bloger date in DC and we were the exact same way!

  2. haha our dc vaca was filled with so much of these same things!

  3. This is 100% true. Ammon makes fun of the fact that I take pictures of EVERYTHING now.

  4. I live in the DC area and still look like a tourist taking pics.. hahaha

  5. haha yes! I'm sure homey in A' TaVola thought "these chicks must not be from here" when we made him take our pic that day at lunch haha