Wednesday, August 14, 2013

If You Looked...

I saw this post a while ago on Ashley's blog, and I thought it was the neatest idea. There are so many things I love about her blog and the majority of her posts speak right to my heart. While the concept of this post is pretty simple, Ashley, as always, took it to such a touching, inspirational level. We'll see what happens with mine...


 If You Looked...

...into my kitchen you'd see dishes in the sink, no matter how hard I try to not pile them up. Sorry mom.

...into my living room you'd see evidence of "living" - a crumpled blanket or two on the couch, dog toys on the floor, an empty Diet Coke can on the end table. 

...into my classroom right now it'd be pretty empty and lonely, except for the inevitable dust bunny rolling around. But in a little over a month (eeep) you'd hopefully see the sweet smily faces of my new first grade babies that I can't wait to meet. 

...into my car you'd see a full tank of gas thanks to my sweet hubs who filled it up for me before work, a trunk full of things that still need to be taken to school, a Turvis full of ice water in the cup holder, puppy dog nose prints on the window, and dog hair all over the back seat. 

...into my purse you'd see about 50 trillion pens and bobby pins, just in case; my planner, that doesn't get much use in the summer; a coozie and Burt's Bees. Always.

...into my head you'd see 35 to-do lists/don't forget lists. Once you got past all those you'd get to my most prized possession - my memories. Recent memories, like swimming in the ocean last Friday with my sweet puppies. Old memories, like meeting my soul mate/college roommate for the first time. And childhood memories like getting my front tooth knocked on while wrestling my baby brother on our old orange bean bag. You'd also see my hopes and dreams for the next 5-10 years, the big ones that always seem to stay the change, and the little details that are forever changing.

What would we see if we looked in your home, head, heart, TiVo?  :)



  1. Such a sweet post! I don't want summer to end because of Lily, but I can't wait to see your face everyday!

  2. Very sweet! Love it, and the fact that you think living is more important than perfection!