Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Start of Something New

Ahh - 3 day weekends. 
There are few things better than a good 3 day weekend.
And even though being back to work on Tuesday sucks....it's already Tuesday.
You've already made it through the terribleness that is Monday.
And you're that much closer to another great weekend.

This past weekend was significant for several different reasons.

It was Labor Day weekend (obvi) and I'll admit, 
I'm never 100% sure what that means. 
For me, it's a day off work
and it's an opportunity to celebrate the hard working Americans,
to take pride in the people that work to make America the wonderful country that it is.
According to Google, I'm not far off on that description. 

For some this weekend is also the "official end of summer", meaning "the official start of fall".
I'll admit. I side-eyed a few of you for posting pictures of pumpkin spice lattes and fall home decor.
I'm not quite sure I'm ready for all that.
Especially when it's still 80 degrees around here.
But with the start of fall also comes the start of one of my favorite seasons: football season
or "tailgating season" as I sometimes like to refer to it. 
It's all one in the same to me.

It's also almost the start of "leggings, boots, and scarves season".
Let's face it, if I can't be in my bathing suit (or jammies) all day, 
leggings and uggs are the next best thing. 

This weekend, for us, was also a weekend of special family memories.
Robbie's 94-year-old great-grandma passed away earlier this week
and we celebrated her life on Saturday. 
Funerals are always hard, and I think by nature they're always just sad.
But in the bottom of my heart I was happy for Grandma Caton. 

I've known Robbie and been a part of his family for the past 10 years
and throughout this time, I've seen his grandma age 
and we've watched her health diminish. 
Despite her health struggles, she always made an effort to get the whole family together
for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and while you could tell her heart was full 
during these times, you could also tell there was pain.

The thought of her up and walking (no, running) through the gates of Heaven 
finally able to move on her own and be reunited with loved ones lost over the years
makes my heart just burst with joy. 
Obviously, it's hard for us here on Earth because our flesh wants her to be with us.
Watching her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even great-great-grandchildren
(a lot happens in 94 years)
mourn her death is hard. And I know they're hearts are hurting. 

But hearing everyone speak at the funeral, 
reaffirmed the amazing life that she had lived here on Earth
and gave hope to the even more amazing eternal life she's now living out in Heaven. 




  1. I am torn...I always mourn the end of summer, but at the same time, I love fall decor and recipes and the colorful leaves.

  2. I'm giving side eyes at Pumpkin spice lattes too. It's still over 85* every day!