Friday, August 2, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

"buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks....and hot dogs, and nachos, and cotton candy...."

While we were in DC, Robbie and I went to our first ever Major League Baseball game to see the Washington Nationals play the New York Mets and y'all, it was So. Much. Fun!

I did make the ultimate sports fashion faux pos. I'm sorry Sarah...I didn't wear anything team related. My colors were all wrong. But don't worry, I didn't wear heels. And Robbie bought me a hat as soon as we got there so ultimately I fit right in.

Sidenote - I never wear hats. I feel like this picture explains why. 

Baseball's an interesting sport for me. I've never really been a big baseball fan. I don't have "a team", I don't follow the World Series, I don't even pretend to watch very many games on TV. I'm more of a football fan in those regards. 

However, baseball is the one sport that I actually probably understand the most (thanks to my middle school score-keeping days). And I love going to a baseball game! Any baseball game! 

But this particular baseball game was one for the books for sure.

We were able to ride the metro right to stadium, which for obvious (no driving responsibilities) reason, made me a very happy girl. We got there a few hours before the game started so we could get our tickets and so we could enjoy the pre-game festivities. I've mentioned once or twice before how much I love a good football tailgate. But I've decided I love a good baseball pre-game just as good!

They had a whole area set up with live music, food and drink vendors, and cornhole for days. Once the game starts, they project it on a big screen so technically you could park me right there for the rest of the night and I would be a happy camper. 

Shortly after they opened the gates, we went on into the game so we could explore. I scored a free t-shirt (a skill I perfected in college) and we got to meet the Racing Presidents. 

He doesn't know it yet, but I'll probably secretly print this out and sneak it into his history classroom one day. Seems appropriate.

Once inside the game I started mentally planning out my concession stand treats. After all, baseball food is one of my favorites! I needed to decide what I absolutely wanted the most and then space it throughout the innings accordingly. I was successful in my execution...don't you worry!

It was a great game! Apparently the Nationals had lost the previous 7 or something games. They had already played the Mets earlier that day and lost to them 11 to zip. This game they were able to hold em off until the last inning, with each team only having one run. We were convinced we would be enjoying some free extra baseball. was the bottom of the ninth. Nationals up to bat. And Ryan Zimmerman (no relation to George, I don't think) sets up. He got a walk off homer and that was it. Ballgame. It was great! The best part was, Zimmerman is only 20 and apparently from Eastern North Carolina. A good ole southern boy for the win. 

Although I'm pretty sure he's a playa playa because his entrance songs were Blurred Lines and You Can Have Whatever You Like. #justsayin

Speaking of entrance favorite part about baseball games (besides the food) is listening to the songs the players choose to walk out to. I mean how cool is it to have music play when you walk out somewhere. Robbie and I have had several conversations since the game about what our's would be. I have a hard time narrowing it down but I usually always find myself going back to the highly overplayed, very dated TI's Bring Em Out. I know, typical. But what can I say. When it's good, it's good.

What would your walk up song be if you played baseball?

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Have a fabulous weekend loverpants!



  1. I think you look absolutely perfect!! I don't know why you don't' wear hats, couldn't be cuter. And no, I don't think Ryan is related to George..... I've been to a nationals game before, it was super fun!

    My walkout song would be Miranda Lambert's Kerosene!!

  2. Ha - Love this song...oldie but goody!! I think I would much rather go to a football game, but any chance to go do something fun and I'm in!

  3. girl you look amazing in hats, get out of here. My walkout song would definitely be "Diva" by Beyonce haha. And "Bring 'Em Out" makes me think of Pirate football!!!! 29 days and countin!

  4. That looks like you had such a fun time! Baseball games are the best!

  5. Any sort of stadium food is amazing. It's just too dang bad that it's always so pricey!

  6. You were in my hood... I love Nats Ballpark just not the Nats.. LOL

    My walkup music would be...Hysteria by Muse.. My fav band..