Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The embarrassing things I do alone in the car.

I had to drive to Raleigh for a teacher workshop the other week. It was supposed to be a three-day deal, buuuuut I got a yucky stomach bug causing me to miss the first two days. Which also meant I was left making the four hour round-trip commute in one day. By myself.

When I was in college, I tore up those roads between Raleigh and New Bern, Raleigh and Greenville, but now I haven't really made that many single road trips.

I was quickly reminded of two things. 1. How much I hate driving. And 2. How much random shit I do to keep myself awake and entertained on the road.

First of all, I always have a ton of beverages on the ready. Safe driving beverages you goon. A large turvis filled with ice water gets me started. I usually stop about an hour in and grab a large sweet tea, or my new fav, a caramel McFrappe, from McDonald's. The only time I'll stop at a McDonald's, mind you.

Dance parties are a must. I don't have an iPod (whomp) and I don't have very many songs on my iPhone (double whomp) so unless I'm plugged in to Pandora I'm usually listening to burned CDs. That's right...I like to live in 2003 as often as possible. I have a six-disc CD player in my car so the possibilities are endless. And the songs are old school forreal. I usually alternate between some serious Ke$ha/Lady GaGa business to some extra gangsta rap. Think Stuntin Like My Daddy. Head bobs, hand motions, and facial expressions are a given.

If I'm not having a Ke$ha (that is technically how she spells her name right?) or Lil Wayne dance party, I'll be belting out some serious tunes, American Idol style. This is where my Glee CD comes in handy. (Did I just admit I have a Glee CD in my car?) I get really serious about these songs. Trying to sing in perfect tune just like I would if Simon Cowell were sitting in the passenger seat. Occasionally Always the Mariah Carey hand makes an appearance. 

Let's just say, if I was a Kardashian and had cameras posted in my car at all times, people would be amazed at the things they saw. And it's probably a good thing that I don't take many solo road trips. 



  1. I do so many of these things, even just driving around town. I hate driving, so I have to make it fun for myself. I love that you span the gamut from being on American Idol to gansta dance parties!

  2. My car rages are epic! I am with you there!

  3. I've been burning up the roads between Greenville and Raleigh a lot lately, and I am guilty of a few of these things as well! Lots and lots of singing (especially at 3:30 am when no one else is on the road)... I have a glee CD in my car, too!

  4. I also do this!! Pretty much EVERYTHING you mentioned...Esp the American Idol thing....