Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cat's out of the bag.

And no, this is not a pregnancy announcement.
Ever since I barfed at 8:30am everyone's coming at me about babies.
Go figure.

I think I'm way late to this parade,
but Whitney and Sarah posted two ha-larious posts
about the load-of-crap-trend #whatsinbag on Instagram.
And I'm with them.
The inside of my purse is far from organized and trendy.
That's the whole reason you carry a purse,
so you can toss all your useless shit inside
and no one is the wiser.

Anyway, they both took one for the team
and spilled their guts bags for all of blogland to see. 
So I figured I'd steal borrow their idea and do the same. 

My dad always said, "a man never looks in a lady's purse".
It's like looking into their soul.
And to a certain degree, I kind of agree.
What you hold on to and carry in your purse says a lot about you. 
I'm sure there's some psychology major doing research on that right now,
even though I'd be terrified to know what my bag says about me.

Hoarder, obsessive compulsive, zebra-print obsessed, are just a few that come to mind.
All totally not true, obviously.

Take a look for yourself.

Robbie got me that large Longchamp as a wedding gift
and seriously, it's the best thing ever. 
It's HUGE and it's the only bag I ever use for school stuff too 
so that's nice. 

Contents include...

- Sunnies, that actually always stay in their designated case. You're welcome, Robbie.
- iPad and charger, something that doesn't stay in my purse 24/7, just back and forth to school.
- Hobo wallet aka the love of my life.
- school badge and keys.
- a free 7-day pass to the gym that will hopefully actually get used.
- pens, pens, and more pens.
- random papers
- loose change
- a rock? and a compass? I don't know....

- a jacket, again only back and forth from school
- planner
- hair ties, bobbie pins, paper clips
- Burt's Bees, a necessity.
- random ticket stubs, old gift cards, and business cards
- tissues
- hand sanitizer and lotion
- random NCSU notepad
- check book
- mini manicure set (for those pesky hangnails I always get)
- a Starbucks gift card from the sweetest co-worker I ever did have.

Honestly, I'd be perfectly capable of making it through
each day with 5% of these items.
But hey, where's the fun in that.



  1. Why did you barf this morning?!?!!? I'm totally digging that blue hobo wallet!!

  2. You are seriously the third person this week that I've seen start a post with "no I'm not pregnant" haha . . . but your purse looks a lot like mine :) Or the contents anyways...

  3. Haha got to love when you have to begin things with "no, I'm not pregnant". Dying over your blue wallet though and is that a mini compass beside the loose change? haha

  4. Seriously I can't say how much I love my Long Champ too. I have used it every single day for the past three years.