Thursday, October 24, 2013

Erry day I'm hustlin

More like "erry day I'm blogging."
I had a longggg conversation with my setpmom about blogging a few weekends ago
which is always kind of weird,
because I still barely consider myself a "real blogger"
and I am no where near being a professional.
But when she asked how often I blogged,
I told her every day.
And then I realized that was kind of a lie.
So I'm trying to change that.
Unless during the week.

I've been seeing lots of love lists floating around this week.
Something about fall weather makes everyone all lovey
(personally it just makes me cold).

However, there are a few things in particular I'm loving right now.


1. Sleeping in until 7:15.
The only enjoyable part about being in trainings all day long.

2. Boots, boots, and more boots.
The only enjoyable part about it being cold.
I'm particularly swooning after these.
Well...and every other pair I come across. 

3. Taking #ootd selfies. 
I know...I'm a loser. But hear me out.
I haven't been shopping in forrrrever. The last new clothing item I bought was in DC
this summer...So I've really been scraping the bottom of the barrel lately.
Trying to find new ways to wear the old things I've got.
And I'm not hating it. 
The changing weather definitely helps, but it's become a fun little challenge and it's saving money
which makes my husband happeh happeh happeh.
All of these things make me feel like it's worth documenting.
For what it's worth, I don't post them all to social media. 
They're just chilling in my phone. Not sure if that makes it worse or better...

4. Leopard print.
It goes with everything and adds just the right amount of flare.
I've worn my leopard print scarf three times in the past 5 days. 
I want these on my person right meow.

Am I right?

5. My planner.
Not because it's some magical Erin Condren life organizer
but because it has soooo many fun things written on it for the next few weeks!


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  1. Fun upcoming plans make the days so much easier to get through!!