Thursday, October 3, 2013

What I've (NOT) been up to lately....

Oh hey there bloggy blog. 
Long time, no see.

As in two hump days ago. 
That was the last time you were graced with my presence. 
Hashtag I suck, I know. 

I had an ah-mazing, completely blogworthy weekend.
And even better, I took pictures of said weekend.

And then I went to school on Monday
and projectile vomited all over the Kindergarten bathroom. 
Which hasn't happened since, oh I don't know,
I was actually in Kindergarten?

Robbie even had to come pick me up 
because it wasn't my day to drive. 
I've never felt like more of a five year old.

Anywho - that kind of wiped out my Monday and Tuesday.
Blogging just wasn't on my list of things to do.

Don't worry, blog. You're definitely not alone.
What else have I been neglecting in the last week (plus) since you've seen me last?

Let's see...

1. Dishes.
The sink is full of dirty ones, the dishwasher's full of clean ones. 
It's like a real life game of Jinga - don't make the tower topple.

2. 10 PM 
Haven't seen that time in a while.

3. Laundry. 
Both clean and dirty. 
How many times is it socially acceptable to run the same load of clothes in the dryer?

4. Phone Calls.
I haven't made an outgoing call in I don't remember when.
And the last incoming call I actually answered was on Monday, from Robbie
when he checked in on me at home.
Don't worry - texting is still on point.

5. Humera. 
I may or may not have taken my shot last night
instead of Sunday night like I was supposed to.
Shhh....don't tell "Dr. Always Take Your Shot on Time"

6. My MacBook.
This is the first time I've opened this thing since Sunday maybe?

7. Vacuuming.
The dog hair tumbleweeds are rolling through.
And I don't even feel like that's an inappropriate thing to blog about
because if you have dogs, particularly labs,
you know alllll about dog hair tumbleweeds.
The struggle is real. 

8. Law and Order SVU and Grey's Anatomy.
I thought I watched a lot of TV until all these shows started coming back on.
And I realized, I really don't have very many shows that I absolutely have to catch every week. 
SVU and Grey's are really the only ones. 

And I have fallen asleep during both of them this past week.
I missed the last 5 minutes of Law & Order last week
and pretty much the whole thing last night. 
Tonight's a new night for Grey's so we'll see how I do.

9. Pants.
The season of leggings is officially here to stay.

10. Putting things back where they belong.
This is big for me. 
I'm a very "everything has a place" kind of person.
This week, everything's place as been the kitchen table, 
the foyer, or any other place I drop my shit. 
Walking the ten steps back to my bedroom to actually put it where it belongs
is just too much to handle right now.

...just to name a few.

Tomorrow's Friday 
and I feel like I may finally be feeling up to something fun,
like backing that azz up fun? 
Stay tuned!


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  1. sorry you vom'd in the school bathroom, that is NEVER fun. Hope you're feeling back up to snuff!