Monday, November 25, 2013

It's not work if you love what do.


False. False. A million times false.

I used to believe this. That whole philosophy that you'd never work a day in your life if you loved what you do.

It's not true.

I love what I do.

I haven't always loved what I did. I can admit that here, now....two and a half years later. In fact, there was a point where I was just making it to Friday. "Just one more can make it just one more day." 

Teaching is, by far, the hardest profession there is. Bottom line.

And when people say it's also the most rewarding, well that's not always true.

Are there rewards in teaching? Absolutely. But is it always rewarding.'s just not. Most days it really

Part of that is our own fault. My ability to completely overlook the 19 students who are following directions and showing growth, and instead focus on the one student who won't listen to a single thing I said, yea that's my fault. That's my character flaw. But that's what teachers do. We lose sleep over the one student who still can't read on grade level instead of celebrating the other students who can. I like to believe that's what makes us good teachers. It also makes us crazy, admittedly.

But I'm thankful for my job.

I'm thankful that I not only can provide income for my family (though it be a very small income) I'm thankful that I get to spend the year with some of the most amazing kids I've ever known.

Do they drive me crazy 95% of the time? Yes, in fact they do. But do I love them as if they were my own? Yes, in fact I do.

My kids often ask me if I have babies. Especially after they find out about Mr. Dunn. And my answer always puts the most puzzled, yet cutest expression on their face. I tell them, "No, I don't have kids at home because I have 20 kids at school." And it's true. I love these kids.

And the fact that I get to spend 180 days teaching them and growing with them is not ever lost on me. It constantly blows my mind that I've been entrusted with these kids and their well being. And I'm constantly thankful to have that opportunity.

I like to think that I teach them lots and lots throughout the year. I mean, hello, that's my job. But I often wonder if they realize how much they really teach me. The impact they have on me and my life...I'm thankful for that.


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  1. I love how you started out a little down, but ended upbeat. Yeah, we have a ├╝ber tough job (and I don't think ANYONE outside the profession truly understands) but every once in awhile you feel rewarded. That's cool. I guess. Except every day does suck. Pretty much. Usually because of just one little delightful cherub!