Wednesday, November 27, 2013

All in the Family

I can't even begin to explain the love, laughter, and dysfunction that is my family. 

Robbie and I spend our entire Thanksgiving running around like crazy people from house to house to house. It's exhausting and a bit frustrating, but I've always tried to be thankful that we have too much family to see over the holidays instead of not enough family to see. 

Plus, I kind of sort of love the whole crazy bunch! 

My family is great and we've always been super close! I'm beyond thankful for the relationship I have with, not just my parents and brother, but with my step parents and step siblings. I don't believe in divorce - no way, no how. But I do believe that sometimes shit happens. And I honestly mean it when I say that I could not be more thankful for the blended family we've created. I couldn't even begin to imagine my life with the "Steberts". 

I'm doubly thankful for the relationship I have with my in-laws and their extended family. I feel so blessed to have found a husband who was raised in a family so similar to mine and am thankful everyday for them. They've welcomed me into their family with open arms and sometimes it's hard to tell where my family ends and their's begins - which I love

I believe the grown up relationships you create with your family, particularly your parents, can be among some of the best relationships you have. I'm thankful for the childhood my parents provided for me. But I'm equally thankful for the relationship we have now. 


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