Tuesday, November 12, 2013

If I were a fashion blogger...

...I'd actually know how to match my clothes without having to snap chat my college roommate at 5:45 in the morning.

...I'd be able to convince my husband to take real pictures of me

...and I'd know how to pose in said pictures without looking like a goob.

...I'd probably shop a lot more than I do now

...at other places besides Target.

...I'd know big things about big designers

....and wouldn't be shocked to see my Instagram feed blowing up with some stranger named Phillip Lim.

...I'd take a lot more selfies than I do now.

Wait. Scratch that.

....I'd POST a lot more selfies than I do now.

I was looking through my phone the other day, and I realized that like ten of my most recent pictures where of me and my "#ootd". And I got to thinking - I bet this is what real fashionista's phones look like.

And then I got to thinking, maybe I've reached the first step of becoming a fashion blogger = getting dressed and documenting it.

But then I thought of all the above reasons as to why, even if I take a picture of the outfit I'm wearing, I am still a far cry from being a fashion blogger.

And after all of those thoughts got done rolling around my head, I thought it seemed silly to have all these pictures of me just sitting in my phone. So while I am not, no way no how, a fashion blogger. And while I'm not even interested in becoming a fashion blogger I figured I'd take the opportunity today to pretend to be one, at least for a hot five minutes.

This is probably where I'm supposed to tell you where I got each piece from and provide some type of link to that item or one very similar. But the sad thing is, I don't remember where I got half of it. And I definitely wouldn't be able to find a working link because that's something else I kind of suck at - online shopping. 

Also, you can see I use the same pieces over and over again. Which is one of the reasons I've been so proud of my outfits lately. However, that could also be another reason not to become a fashion blogger.

Oh and yes, I love scarves. Some might call it an obsession I call it a coping mechanism for all the other awful things about cold weather.



  1. That leopard skirt? Amazing! I love your style and you totally pulled off the "fashion blogger" post!! At least in my eyes (I'm not a fashion blogger though so take it for what its worth haha)!

  2. I have to say, this fit my daughter perfectly, arrived in 2 days, did not smell, and was slightly wrinkled which I don't care anyways. Just some steam and it was good to go.
    Antonio Melani