Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Photo an Hour - Snow Day Edition

So I had a completely different post in mind for today. I had even mapped out a "typical" school day and was ready to take pictures of it all. Until school got cancelled for the foreseeable future thanks to a little bit of snow.

In all fairness, it actually turned out to be quite a lot of snow. Really pretty snow. So I'm done complaining about all the crazies who stocked up on enough bread to feed a small army.

But because I still want to participate in this fun little game, I'll show you what a not-so-typical day looks like when I'm snowed in with my favorite man and two sweet little pups.

Once my life is back to normal, I'll probably still post my school day hour a day photos only because in my own little world y'all are actually curious about the whole thing.

I guess my day technically started at 6:00am when I was coaxing the dogs outside and realizing that it did in fact snow all over the place last night. But don't worry, by 6:15am I'm crawling back in bed. It is a snow day after all.

Slowly waking up forreal this time, discussing what Robbie and I want for breakfast. 
Oh, and trying to convince this lazy bum to get out of bed. 

After cooking breakfast (bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits for him. Homemade banana bread for me) it's time to bundle up and head outside (aka put on everything in my closet). 

Playing in the snow with my sweet little family. Willow was such a trooper, but really hated every minute. 

Time for lunch, snow cream, and Pretty Little Liars.

Still snuggled on the couch, possibly gearing up for the first nap of the day.

Cabin fever was beginning to set in so we tried to brave the icy, snow covered roads. We made it once around the block.

Still battling cabin fever, I thought cleaning my house would be a good idea. 

Got my nails did - at home.

Ventured down the street for a neighborhood sippy, wine in tow.

Snow day #ootd? aka hot mess express. 

We were home by 10 and I was snuggled on the couch, still drinking wine, and checking out Pinterest. 
And yes, I was drinking wine out of a #1 Teacher turvis tumbler. I didn't chose the thug lyfe...

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  1. I love Willow's jacket! Shelby isn't a fan of the snow either. So glad you FINALLY got your snow!

  2. Haha your snow day is so much more epic than mine!! And I totes love your ootd... way classier than mine!!! Thanks for linking up with us!!