Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I Would Make a Terrible SAHM

True story - it took me a few months to even know what SAHM stood for. All these new fangled abbreviations. Sheesh.

I learned some valuable lessons over my extended Christmas break. For one, teachers really do have the best job. Sure there's the whole "making a difference in the lives of children" thing but there's also the two-week long paid vacation we get to experience in December that makes it totally worthwhile.

I also learned that I am lazy AF (now that abbreviation I love). And therefore I think I would make a terrible stay at home mom.

Obviously, I don't have kids yet which would be a huge contributing factor. But even still. Words can't begin to describe how nice it was to stay at home all day long. Words also can't begin to describe the level of "bum" I reached.

You see, I've gotten really good at managing a full time teaching job and a household. Again, I don't yet have kids which I know makes a huge difference. But during the weeks when I work, I'm able to cook 4-5 meals, get the laundry and dishes done, and keep most of the dog hair tumbleweeds at bay. With help from my sweet muffin husband of course.

These past few weeks since I've been off, none of the above mentioned things got done. Showers barely happened for me. And real pants - forget about it. Yes, it was my break and yes, that is a totally acceptable thing to do over a break. But here's the thing. I think it could very easily become the norm if I was home all the time.

Without the pressure of a "deadline" I don't feel the need to get anything productive done. With all of my days wide open, I had no problem putting off simple household chores until the next day. I didn't even really eat regular meals. I just snacked all day. It was really quite pathetic.

In a perfect world I would love to stay at home, especially after I have cute little babies to play with all day. But honestly, I think I would be a better mother if I was at work. If I had some type of "schedule" to follow. I think I would get twice as much done for those cute little babies as a working mom than as a stay at home mom.

If it was just me and them at home all the time we'd be cuddled up in our jammies all day, taking naps, eating snacks, maybe having the occasional dance party in the living room. Which at first sounds like a ton of fun. But definitely not something that should happen 24/7.

The good news is, I've got several years to figure the whole thing out. Because there's still a HUGE part of me that would love to find a way to stay at home, at least for a year, with babies. But in order to keep my sanity and my husband's admiration in tact, I'm going to have to find a way to stay at home and remain a functioning member of society.

With that being said, I'm officially back to the grind. And officially on a two-hour delay thanks to the fuh-reezing weather. Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks it's ridiculous to go to school when it's below 30 outside. And I'm also officially hating the structure and routine I was craving only a few days ago.

What's that saying: we always want what we don't have. Sheesh.


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  1. Girl, I am with you. I have a few friends who are SAHM (and follow a few SAHM blogs) and I am in total awe of them. How do they watch their kid, cook dinner, keep their house clean, work out AND manage to not kill anyone?! I can barely manage when I am home alone with Sawyer on a Saturday all day! Props to 'em because I would be that girl you see in Walmart wearing inside-out, stretched yoga pants and a hoodie, dragging her kid around in mismatched clothes and her hair in the messiest form of a bun/pony tail there is.