Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year In Review

2013 has seriously been one of the best years. I'm pretty sure I said the same thing about 2012. But nevertheless, it's been a great year. I love looking back at all the fun things, big and little, I've done throughout the year. I'm also extremely thankful for blogging because that makes the looking back thing that much easier.



After bitching about how useless New Year's Resolutions were, I made my own resolution to eat gluten-free and stuck to it almost 90% of the time. I even started trying and blogging about some tasty new gluten-free recipes. (Most of them can be found on my Gluten-Free Board on Pinterest.)


We lost my childhood dog, after 15 glorious years with her, and I seriously don't think I've ever cried about something so hard in my life.

Contrary to what all my yankie friends thought, we had lots of snow in ENC. One of my best friends gave birth to the cutest little bird I ever did see! And obviously, we became fast friends.


I actually started blogging about school, which if you know me, you know is a big deal. I also realized I only like dyeing Easter Eggs with sweet little kids. Fortunately I had two on hand to help me out.

Another close friend had baby number 2. 


The month of the birthdays - my baby blog turned one! My baby cousin did too. I turned 24. And my sweet husband surprised me with a weekend getaway to Raleigh.

The Boston Marathon was bombed, and just like with Sandy Hook, I was left feeling disgusted and betrayed, yet overwhelmed by the small acts of good that can still be found in our society.  I also spent this month daydreaming about my future, both long-term and short-term. I love making plans. 


I went to my very first Derby party. And had to wear jeans on Memorial Day - thanks for that Eastern NC weather. It didn't stop us from hosting a cookout at the house. Or teaching Willow how to play Cornhole (JK, she just chased the beanbags). 


I finished my second year of teaching (2 down, 28 to go, ha) and finally learned how to paddle board.

We also went to Topsail with my family for a beach week. My obsession for maxi dresses took on a whole new meaning and I was finally introduced to fro-yo for the first time.


I went on my second blate with this sweet girl!  And became addicted to caramel McFrappes.

I road-tripped to Pennsylvania to watch my gorgeous friend, Emily say "I do". Robbie and celebrated our second wedding anniversary with a trip to Washington, DC. While we were there, I went to my first ever professional baseball game.

I also had the stomach bug from hell this month, but I'm still trying to forget that so I won't go into detail.


I spent this month soaking up every last bit of summer that I could. I started my third year teaching and my third football season as a Pirate fan. 

NSync made a 3-second appearance at the VMAs and I was in teenage-Marianna heaven for weeks. 


Tailgating was in full force - both at ECU games in Greenville and NCSU games in Raleigh.

It was another month full of birthdays. We celebrated a 5th birthday with a carnival, a 2nd birthday with minions, and a 50th birthday with shotguns. My best friend from high school's sweet little boy turned one, smash cake and all.

Oh and I also realized that I do in fact still hate everything pumpkin related


One of my favorite months ever year - we hosted our 2nd Annual Halloween Party. The dogs dressed up as lattes. I was a terrible blogger and didn't take not one decent picture, but you can use your imagination. Robbie and I braved the rain and goblins at Hallow-Scream at Busch Gardens with some great friends. 


My 81-year-old memom had open heart surgery...and came through it like a champ. I kind of sort of pretended to be a fashion blogger. My "baby" brother turned 20. And my "baby" step-sister turned 21. More football parties were hosted and Robbie realized he had created a party-throwing monster. I also spent the entire month being mushy gushy and thankful for all the blessings I have in my life. 

Oh and NC State lost to ECU but that's not that big of a deal...


This month has seriously been the busiest and best month of the year. Robbie turned 25. My step-brother got into State. And every weekend has been filled with different activities surrounded by friends and family we love. 


I know I don't say it nearly enough - but thank you thank you times a billion to the Lord above for the blessings I've had this year and all the years. And for the blessings I know will continue on into 2014. We get so caught up in the little things that piss us off, that we often miss all the great things that surround us on a daily basis. Something about this time of year gets me all sappy inside (I'm aware) but seriously. Despite all the hardships that we face, nothing compares to the good that we have in our lives. 


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