Monday, February 3, 2014

MIx It (Super Bowl) Monday

Is it just me or should the Monday after the Super Bowl be a national holiday?

Even though I can't magically give you all the day off, I can hopefully make your work day a little more enjoyable. I'm co-hosting Mix It Monday with Lauren and I have seriously been so excited about doing this since she emailed me three weeks ago.

If you've hung around these parts for a while you know that I am not a fashion blogger. It's a miracle that I shower and get dressed in a somewhat presentable way each day. True story: there have been times when I've shown up to work only to realize that what I'm wearing does in fact not match or look nearly as cute as I thought it did when I put it on at 5:30am. Getting dressed before the sun is up is hard, folks. Real hard.

But I did manage to throw together these two outfits and even take some semi-fashion blogger pictures of them (thanks Robbie).


It should be no surprise that my mix-it look this week is very similar to the one I linked up a few weeks ago. I wear this outfit or some variation of it often. 

I have a slight obsessions with summer dresses. My closet is packed with them. Finding a way to wear my dresses year-round makes Robbie a little more understanding to the lost closet space. I got this purple dress from Express four years ago. I have the same one in black. It is the most versatile dress I've ever had. You can dress it up or down depending on the accessories. And depending on the season. 

I really wanted to show y'all how I would wear this piece for Summer and Winter but considering the cold front that decided to take over New Bern this past week and the fact that I resemble Casper's older sister, I decided just to show you two ways I usually style this dress for Winter. 

Adding boots and leggings to any outfit is my most favorite thing to do. And then of course you can never go wrong with a cardigan and/or scarf. Also I wear a ton of black all the time. So I really like how I can still wear my favorite black pieces but with a pop of color in the dress.


Now I'd love to see how you're remixing your wardrobe!

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  1. That purple dress is so cute!! I also am a big fan of wearing dresses...not as practical when it's freezing outside, but there's always a way to add more layers and make it work!