Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Staying up past my bedtime

In honor of Jimmy Fallon taking over the Tonight Show (that comes on wayyyy past my bedtime, btw) I figured I would write a few "Jimmy-inspired" thank-you notes. And yes, I know it's not Friday but eh, you win some you lose some.

Thank you Twizzles, for being the funnest ice-dancing term around. I now spend my day finding ways to incorporate you into normal conversation.

Thank you Ice Dancing, for being an Olympic sport that makes less sense than curling.

Thank you Valentine's Day, for being stereotypically cliche this year. It's nice to know I can always count on you to flood my Instagram feed with pictures of flowers and chocolate and single girl grumpy cats.

Speaking of flowers....

Thank you Robbie, for not pulling a Kanye and delivering one thousand red roses to me on V-Day. I would have had to punch in the throat for that. Seriously  - what does one do with one thousand roses.

Thank you Mr. Sun, for giving the illusion that it's actually warm outside when really it's just bright as f***.

Thank you Netflix, for taking procrastination to a whole new level.

Thank you DVR, for letting me record late night shows and for not judging me when I watch them the next day at 6pm.


  1. Be sure you don't bobble your twizzle. Ha! I can't count how many times I heard that in the past week.

  2. girl, I am in LOVE with our Tivo. We watch everything on a delay because we have become those impatient millennials who can't watch commercials. And since we go to bed at like 9:30, it lets us watch my boy Jimmy Fallon.