Monday, April 7, 2014

32 Things That Make Me Happy

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1. That it's not too late to join this happy link up (or is it? My bad...I'm never on time.)

2. When Willow lays beside me like the little spoon with her head on the pillow and everything.

3. Laughing until there's tears rolling down your face and you're convinced you have worked your way to six-pack abs.

4. Weddings.

5. Having people over for dinner.

6. Playing double dutch with my Firsties at Recess.

7. Going to bed and not having to set an alarm.

8. 80 degree, sunshiney weather.

9. My birthday (in t-minus 3 days).

10. When Robbie picks me up from Saturday school with an ice cold Diet Coke and my favorite flat bread sub from Subway (with extra pickles on the side) just because.
10a. When I realize on top of that, he washed and folded two loads of laundry while I was at Saturday school.

11. Sitting on the back porch with margaritas and friends.

12. A clean, organized house.

13. T-shirt Fridays at school.

14. Giftcards.

15. Upcoming bachelorette beach weekends with friends.

16. Mexican food.

17. Snapchats from my mom and brother.

18. Visiting big cities like New York and DC.

19. 2nd day hair that still looks like 1st day hair.

20. Fresh fruit.

21. When Roxy's chasing squirrels in her dreams.

22. Smiley babies.

23. Looking at old pictures and reminiscing old memories.

24. Small towns.

25. Putting on jammies at the end of a long day. Or at 3:00 in the afternoon.

26. Tailgating season.

27. Hypothetical house-hunting.

28. Family vacations.

29. My bed.

30. Little old couples still madly in love.

31. Random voicemails from my mema, just to tell me how me special I am.

32. The fact that I could easily think of 32 more happy things. #blessed

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  1. So many that I agree with!! Yes to numbers: 2, 5, 7, 8, 12, 16, 20, 23, 25 and 26. I never learned how to double dutch... sad, but true.

  2. I love all of these things. Also!! Happy almost birthday!!!