Monday, April 21, 2014

The saddest day ever...

aka the day back to work after a marvelous, never long enough, break.

That's right, folks. Adult Spring Break 2014 is officially over and I am officially crying huge alligator tears at the thought of alarm clocks, dress pants, and packed lunches. But the end of Spring Break means the beginning of the summer countdown. And guys, we are on the downslope.

Spring Break was technically a week long, or so they keep telling me. I'm convinced it was really only 3.5 seconds long, or at least that's what it felt like. But hey, you win some, you lose some.

I opened my computer at least 13 times last week in an attempt to blog but clearly it didn't work out as planned. So today you get a whole life update combined into one nicely wrapped package of a blog post. Okay? Let's go.

First and foremost, celebrating my 25th birthday at school was quite possibly the best way to celebrate a huge milestone birthday....ever. Hearing 20 of my favorite firsties wish me a "happy birthday - cha cha cha" ten thousand times is the cutest (slightly most annoying) thing ever. It was Science Night that night which was fun, but exhausting. And because no event in First Grade is official unless we're in costume....

We were Mad Scientists.

Friday after groggily making it through a school day filled with Easter egg hunts and Easter parties, I hit the road to Wilmington for a beach weekend Bachelorette party. And really, every weekend should involve a Bachelorette party at the beach with your best friends. Unfortunately, when they're done right, Bachelorette parties don't offer many blog appropriate picture opportunities, so all you get is the super cute invite that still might be chilling on my fridge and a blurry Saturday-morning-on-the-way-to-tan-out-our-hangovers picture.

I spent the majority of Spring Break being surprisingly productive. Robbie still had school so I caught up on house work, yard work (no one's more shocked at that than yours truly), and real life lunch dates with adults that don't involve a cafeteria. It was marvelous. 

Friday night the anxiety of Spring Break being over really began to sink in...but Robbie had planned a birthday party for me so I was able to drown my misery in good friends and white girl dance moves. 

#ootn and cake cake cake cake

Frans Frans Frans 

White girl dance moves and "discrete" selfies.
Successful birthday parties are kind of like successful Bachelorette parties. Most of the night's pictures belong tucked away in a safe folder. Or on Snapchat. But a quick highlight real: my sweet baby brother and step-sister came which was so fun. We had gluten free m&m cookie cake which was so delicious. I think I heard a random cha-cha-cha when everyone sang happy birthday to me #teacherlife. Our old back door that was recently replaced was turned into a beer pong table before the night was over. Every couch and extra bed was occupied for the night. And both recycling bins were full the next morning. Robbie, the pups, and I slept most of the day away on Saturday. Being 25 is ruff. 

Side note - if you're looking to really get the party started: 2000s Hip Hop Radio on Pandora is where it's at. You're welcome in advance.

Sunday was cold and rainy but spent celebrating the greatest sacrifice of all time surrounded by family and Starburst jelly beans. 

Adult Spring Break 2014 = best 3.5 seconds of the year!


  1. I love your life! I'm so glad that you had a really nice 3.5 second long spring break! My bachelorette party was in Wilmington too (several moons ago)--and it was a royal blast! Your bday party sounds like the best ever!

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