Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I almost forgot...

Amidst all my running excitement last week (which still hasn't worn off by the way. Someone at school told me I was a Running Diva and I was like duh. Except I'm not really because I only ran once last week after my life-changing 5K. But that's neither here nor there.) and my pure giddyness over the fact that it's finally April I almost completely forgot that someone er something turned two years old last week.

That's right. My sweet baby blog is officially a toddler. Happy 2nd Birthday you sexy blog, you. Thanks for letting me come and spill my word vomit all over you for the past two years. At the risk of sounding uber cliche -  I never thought this little old space would become such a part of my daily routine. Okay, okay, you're right. Sometimes it's been more of a "every other day routine" or a even a "once a week routine" but you get the point. I may not have ten thousands followers and I'm not yielding any profit but I'm here, writing and reading and communicating with some pretty cool ladies that I never ever would have known without this little space called Delightfully Dunn.

In honor of my two year blogiversary, I decided to go back to my roots. My very first post all those moons ago was a Top 5 Tuesday post. I had been reading blogs for a while and caught on to some of the blogging trends floating around out there. In a desperate attempt to fit in Because I had no idea what I was really doing I jumped on board with Top 5 Tuesday and figured doing another one today only made sense.

Of course, Rachel had a list of topics going for the past few weeks of Top 5 Tuesday, but because I'm always late to the link-up party, I missed most of them. #whompwhomp However, I'm still linking up one of the old topics ideas because I like it and because we recently got rid of cable so this has pretty much been my life lately.

I'm not sure which word is more accurate : obsessions or addictions. 
Because I swear, Netflix is just another word for crack.

1. Orange is the New Black
I am literally counting down the days until Season 2 comes back in June. I watched Season 1 in about four days and even got Robbie roped in. It was probably the opening shower scene in Episode 1 that really sold it for him. Well played, Netflix, well played. 

2. Breaking Bad 
I did not like Breaking Bad at all at first. But everyone and their mother went nuts over this show so I gave it a shot. And oh milanta. Am I glad I did. It took a few episodes, but once I was hooked, I was hooked BAD. No pun intended...I don't think.

3. House of Cards
Okay, this is not one of my Top 5 shows....yet. Robbie watched Season1 when it first came out but I was not interested. Now that Season 2 is out, he's roped me in and we've started over from the beginning. I'll admit, I'm confused 95% of the time. It's really hard for me to follow. But this could be because I suffer from a disorder called "political-jargan-deafness". Oh and ADD.

4. Dexter
I'll admit, by Season 6 I was a little over the hottest serial killer I've ever seen. But Seasons 1-5? I couldn't get enough of Dexter Morgan and his Dark Passenger. 

5. Glee
Guilty pleasure? Definitely. But being able to relive some of my favorite McKinley High moments at any time? Yes please. Season 4 is my fav. 

Some other very mentionable binge-worthy series: 

Friday Night Lights: Real talk - I want to be Tammy Taylor when I grow up.
The OC: I never get tired of that California gang. And I never don't cry when Marissa dies. 
Grey's Anatomy: There are few better feelings than going back to the good ole days when all the interns lived together. Or at least were all still alive. 

What TV shows are you obsessed with?

P.S. I realize that not all of these are Netflix original shows but they all count as Netflix obsessions because that's where you can go to watch countless hours of them over and over and over again.

P.S.S. One thing that has changed in my two years of blogging, is I actually go and link up my posts! Linking up with Rachel today!

Just Peachy

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  1. I was watching old episodes of Glee yesterday while I was meal prepping for the week! Good ole' season 1 when Rachel Berry was a creeeeeeeper! I also watch old school greys when I paint my nails! I loved those old seasons so much--and they remind me so much of college because I binge watched the crap out of them back then too! Confession: I think we all want to be Tammy Taylor. You mentioned your hubs is an aspiring football coach? Maybe he and J should have a man date when we have our girls day--J coached HS for his student teaching but for the last 4 years he's coached at the college level. I wish I were as graceful as Tammy Taylor--but sadly--I am not haha