Friday, April 4, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Or at least it's the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year.

April. I am so glad you're here.
I have to admit, you kind of snuck up on me (three days ago...I know, I know. I'm way late). Which I don't hate at all.

There are few things in life I love more than flipping over to a fresh calendar page.
When that calendar page says April at the top, my tummy does an extra happy flippy-flop.

For one, it's my birthday month. Which is obvious means for celebration. #duh.
Also, April means warm weather that is hopefully here to stay.
March is kind of straddling that Winter/Spring line. But April. Oh, April. You are completely undoubtably in Spring territory.
April is also Spring Break month. Halle-freaking-lua.
And it's the official downslope to summer.
In fact, General Johnson said it best...

I'm so glad when it's Easter weekend, because I know it won't be long before summer begins.
Call me crazy, but there's just a special buzz in the air when April rolls around.
And I love it.


Moving on. Since I haven't blogged all week I feel like I have some catching up to do. Some recent April life-happenings if you will.

- Last week I did my first "real" alumni thing. I went to an alumni association event in town and surprisingly there were a few people close to my age. Nevertheless, I still felt slightly out of place. No way am I old enough to listen to the chancellor talk about budgets and new construction and upcoming policies. I am, however, exactly old enough to partake in the open bar that was available.

Sidenote: our chancellor drinks PBR which I found endearing and stereotypical all at the same time. (If you're familiar with NC State, you'll get the stereotype.)

Sidenote #2: I always secretly wanted to be Mrs. Wuf. 

- We finished Dexter and have now started House of Cards. Everyone had told me the ending of Dexter was horrible so I was prepared to be disappointed. My verdict? Not horrible but not the best either. Truth be told, I was getting a little annoyed with the direction Dexter was moving in anyway so I was ready for it to be over. House of Cards is okay so far, except I have to reallllllly pay attention and think about what's going on. And I'm still lost 95% of the time. Plus no one in House of Cards is nearly as fun to look at as Dexter Morgan was. Whew.

- I have a class pet. For now. I'm terrified of killing it. My kids work really hard to earn whole-class compliments and when they earn a certain amount we get to have a celebration. It just so happens one of the Kindergarten teachers was looking for a new home for her pet turtle. So when my kids earned their compliments, we adopted him as our reward. I know nothing about turtles but we're learning. He's been with us for three days and so far, so good. 

His name's Leo (Jake for short) - it's a long story. 

- Robbie has a herniated disk and it's really been a problem lately. He threw it out over Christmas and was out of commission for about a week. One MRI and several PT appointments later and he seemed to be doing better. Until about three weeks ago. Now nothing seems to be helping and he's in constant pain. If you have some extra prayers, send them up for him please. Also, if you know of anywhere with new backs for sale, pass it along. He's more than ready to be back to normal. 

It's the friggin weekend ladies, go have you some fun!

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  1. Oh gosh, I'm sorry about Robbie's back! Herniated discs are horribly painful. Definitely sending up some prayers for him! I love that leo is jake for short...and I feel like maybe you need to blog that story! haha! I promise I'm not creepy--but I checked. Goldsboro looks like it's pretty "in the middle" for us. We're having a date day soon, okay?