Monday, April 28, 2014

Let's Get Physical

{Insert obligatory "I'm so sorry, I forgot how to blog. Yes, I'm still alive. blah, blah, blah" here.}

At the beginning of April, Erin over at Living in Yellow and a few other equally awesome ladies started a 60ish-day challenge to be physically active a total of 1800 minutes. I, being the queen of jumping on bandwagons, signed up immediately. I liked Erin's sells pitch - presenting this as simply a challenge to be more active. If that meant 30 minutes of running one day, 45 minutes of yoga the next, and 0 minutes the following day, it didn't matter. As long as you logged 1800 total minutes by May 31st. There were no restrictions on the source of activity or even really the duration of the activity. I liked that. 

Until about three days in. 

You see, I've recently lost my mind decided I really enjoy running. I try to get in about 3 miles every other day.  

With or without my trusty sidekick.

On days when I run, I have no doubt in my mind how to log those minutes. Obviously, running counts as a physical activity. On days when I don't run, I might follow some YouTube at home butt and thigh workout. (This has been one of my most recent favs.) Again, obvious physical activity. 

But it's those other days, where I don't "technically"work out but I vacuum my entire house - talk about working up a sweat. Or I put fresh sheets on my bed because, let's be real. Figuring out that fitted sheet is an activity all in of itself. Or even the million and one times I walk from one side of the school to the other on a daily basis. How do I log those minutes? Because technically, I think they should count as physical activity. #justsayin

Anyway...just for the record, because it is a competition and I want to play fair, I'm only logging the without a doubt physical activities. I'm only at 480 which is way far from my goal BUT I ran 4.5 miles nonstop last week and I feel like that is pretty darn impressive.

I'm also chasing 20 First Graders around the Aquarium today which should count for something somewhere. 

Have a happy, physically active Monday!

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  1. Holy cow woman. 4.5 miles? I'm impressed! Do you have a Wii? On non-running days how about playing some Just Dance. Or turning on some music and break it on down for 30 minutes or so. Sometimes I do that while I'm making dinner--I dance the whole time just to get my heart rate up. Unfortunately, we have a huge picture window right in front of our kitchen, and we live on the college campus my husband works at--so I'm busted for my dancing by people allllllllll of the time!