Tuesday, July 22, 2014

You'll Never Guess What I Did.

Meet Juan.
The friendliest fish I've ever met.
Besides my college pet fish Bartholemew (RIP). 

Swimming with dolphins is something we've always wanted to do but every other time we've had the chance it's been ridiculously expensive. We never really thought it would be worth it.
In Cancun, it was included in our room credits, if we wanted to do it. So, obviously, we all signed up.
Robbie couldn't go because of his back surgery, which was the only bad part. 

I was terrified.
I have an irrational fear of sharks.
And therefore, am not a huge fan of the ocean.
I love love love the beach, but I'm fine laying in the sand or just wading in the water.
I have no interest in swimming out deep with all the critters.
The first time I went snorkeling in high school, I chewed a hole right through my mouthpiece because I was grinding my teeth so hard.
So swimming right beside, touching, and kissing an actual dolphin was quite possibly the most nerve-racking thing ever.

But it was also so cool.

Our instructor taught us a lot about dolphins.
He actually reminded me of one of my students last year who was fascinated with all things "ocean animals" and would spit out these random facts about them to me any time I'd listen.
Like did you know, dolphins have belly buttons?

Anyway...Juan was great and it was quite the experience.
However, we all learned that a family of mermaids, we are not.


  1. SO awesome! Swimming with dolphins is definitely on my list of things I want to do sometime! All these pictures are so great!!! :) And no, I didn't know they had belly buttons lol!


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