Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2/30: 3 (semi-) Legitimate Fears

2. Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears. (I added the semi- in my title of this post because the legitimacy of my fears could be up for debate.)

1. Sharks - While I've gotten better, I have a somewhat paralyzing fear of sharks. When I was in high school, I would literally break out in cold sweats just thinking about it. Even seeing sharks on TV would make my chest tight. I love going to the beach, but am perfectly fine simply wading in the water. I'm not sure how this became my biggest fear. One summer when I was in middle school there were a lot of shark attacks close to home, and they all happened in shallow water. I didn't know anyone personally that was attacked, but I think just hearing about it in the news terrified me. Like I said, I have gotten better. I even read a book to my class about Great White Sharks without breaking out into tears. 

2. Failure - Again, I'm not really sure this counts as a legitimate fear. One thing I've learned about myself over the past few years is that I really don't like to take risks, which is actually kind of shocking. Typically I would consider my self a very confident, out-going, "up for anything" person. However, I've learned these traits are only part of who I am. The other part of me over-thinks everything, strives for perfection, and has a hard time asking for help. I want to be the best at everything I do and am often my own worst critic. In my classroom, I've had to learn to really celebrate every little victory and accomplishment...just because one thing doesn't go quite as planned, doesn't mean it was a complete failure.

3. Getting "stuck in a rut" - This one even sounds a little funny to me (and could possibly be an addendum to fear #2) but I don't ever want to get stuck in the same routine. This isn't to say I want to constantly change the routine either. I'm a big fan of structure. But I don't want to lose the ability to try new things and think of new ideas. As a teacher, I can't wait for the day when I actually feel like I'm ahead of the game with a full bag of tricks and tools to use in the classroom. However, I don't want to become too dependent on those tools and tricks. This year I've kind of been forced to hunt for new ideas and activities. Even once my teaching tool box is a little more full, I hope to continue to hunt for new things as fervently as I have this year. Because I'm one that likes structure and consistency so much, it could be very easy for me to get stuck doing the same old things. I want to hold on to the little bit of spontaneity I have. 

I also realized that I don't think I gave full credit to the person I got this idea from. Like I said, I just recently found her blog, but it's definitely a good one! Check it out at HOPESandDREAMS.

Hope y'all had a fantastic Tuesday! 

P.S. I deserve a huge pat on the back for blogging two WEEKdays in a row! Yay me! :)



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