Sunday, April 15, 2012


The real world is back in action, full force. Which unfortunately means, I haven't had much time for the blogger world.

School started back this week and there was nothing "nice and easy" about sliding back into daily routines. Spring Break is such a tease. Between report cards (sent home on Thursday), parent conferences, EOG-test prep (we're less than 25 days away!), and crazy Friday the 13th antics this week has been simply insane!

However, there were quite a few celebrations throughout the week - adding to the insanity, but in a good way. Tuesday was my 23rd birthday! My sweet husband woke up with me (at the crack of dawn before school) to make breakfast! My sweet afternoon assistant brought me a cake that we ate at Recess. And for dinner we out to eat with my parents and in-laws. It was a pretty laid-back birthday but wonderful all the same.

Wednesday after school we had a baby shower for our guidance counselor. Her and her husband are expecting their first child in June, a baby girl, and we are all so excited for them! I absolutely love the people that I work with, so it's nice to spend time together celebrating each other.

After celebrating birthdays and babies, the only thing missing for the week was an engagement. And that came on no other than Friday the 13th. Another first-year teacher at my school, who actually went to high school with me, got engaged, at school, on Friday afternoon! Her boyfriend (now fiance) stopped by to drop off flowers. He had just gotten into town from Virginia for the weekend and she thought he was just going to drop them off and leave (which alone was a super sweet gesture). Instead, he decided to hang out amidst all the craziness. After awhile, he asked the class how many of them thought him and Ms. Gwaltney should get married. Of course they all raised their hands, so he started asking them why they thought he should marry her. (Ms. Gwaltney is a fifth-grade teacher, so you can only imagine some of the answers he got!) After getting the insightful opinions of 25 fifth-graders, he said he agreed, got down on one knee and popped the question, right as the bell was ringing! News spread like wild fire and the whole school was so excited! Reason number 39872348975 why I love the community we've formed at our school.

And then of course it was time for the weekend, which as always, is flying by way too fast. I am currently sitting in my backyard, listening to Kenny Chesney on Pandora, enjoying the 80 degree weather that finally decided to come back! 38 more school days until this becomes the norm!

I hope you've all had a fabulous weekend! Be on the lookout for pictures from my birthday celebrations!



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