Wednesday, April 25, 2012

3/30: Parentals

3. Describe your relationship with your parents. 

I was really excited about this post because, as I've mentioned before, I have the absolute best family in the world. I've always been super close to my parents. Sure me and my mom went through the typical "mother/teenage daughter" phase, but even that felt short lived. 

The relationship I've had with my parents as also always been very open. Respect was taught in my house as a mutual thing....something you earn and something you prove you deserve. Open communication was also a big thing in our house. We talked about everything, even the hard stuff. 

My parents got divorced when I was 15 and it rocked my whole world. My brother and I were completely blindsided. Apart from the few months leading to the divorce, my parents never fought. In fact, they were actually disgustingly in love. (They were the parents that would make out in the kitchen just to gross us all out.) 

The years following the divorce really impacted my relationship with my parents. I'm a very emotional person and a very out-spoken person, and there were a lot of "not-so-nice" things done and said over the next few years. However, I believe it's these things that shaped our relationship into what it is today. 

My relationship with my mom has only gotten stronger as I've gotten older. She's my best friend, not to mention one of the strongest people I know. As I've gotten older and begun to start a life on my own (my own marriage, my own house, etc.) it's been interesting to see how so many things about me and my mom are the same AND how so many things about me and my mom are different. This I know for sure: my mom's funner than a barrel of monkeys, gives the best advice out of anyone I know, and always puts others' first. I am so appreciative for all she's done for me over the years and hope to one day be at least half the woman she is!

My relationship with my dad has done the most changing over the years. We have very similar attitudes, emotions, and outlooks on the world. These similarities often cause us to butt heads. Growing up, I was definitely your typical "daddy's girl". After the divorce, I was your typical "pissed off teenager" and pretty much all of my anger went directly to my dad. Our relationship was strained in high school and we still have those moments of weakness. However, recently my relationship with my dad has grown much stronger and I couldn't be happier with where we are now. Our relationship is definitely different than I imagined it would be, but different isn't always a bad thing. In fact, in this case, different is a much better thing! My dad has always been my biggest fan! I lost sight of that for a while. But no matter what, he was in my corner. Whatever made me happy, made him happy...even if it was something different everyday. I realize now how important that kind of support is. My dad has also always been the one to remind me how strong I am. He gets me back to due North....a strong voice of reason, and a reminder of who I am at the very pit of my soul. 

Like I said....I'm a pretty lucky girl in the parents department!



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