Monday, May 7, 2012

12/30: A Day in the Life

11. Describe a typical day in your current life. 

WARNING: My typical days are very monotonous, and while I find them pretty eventful at times, most days are rather boring (and very grown-up).

  • 5:40AM - Snooze my alarm, (because, let's me real, 5:40 is way too early to be awake)
  • 6:00AM (okay, sometimes it's closer to 6:10AM) - Rise and Shine! Time to frantically get ready for school, while my sweet husband continues to sleep (hate him for that).
  • 6:50AM - Make the trek to Cove City, driving within the speed limit the whole time, of course. ;)
  • 7:15AM - 7:40AM - Mentally prepare myself for the day ahead, make sure my classroom is (somewhat) organized and ready to go, and chat with my teacher friends down the hall. 
  • 7:40AM - 2:40PM - For the next 7 hours, I am officially Mrs. Dunn, in all my teacher glory. Lesson plans, behavior management, lunch money, parent letters, timed multiplication tests, AMath, AR, Science experiments, library books, Guided Reading, Guided Math, read alouds, Writer's Workshop, office referrals, uniform checks, Morning Meeting shares, grading papers, homework folders, behavior logs, snack counts.....and that's just while the kids are there.
  • 2:40PM - usually no later than 4:30PM (I've had to limit myself) - Once the kids are safely on the busses headed home, I start a whole new slew of teacher duties: parent phone calls, filing papers, preparing for the next day, making copies, staff meetings, IEP meetings, committee meetings, extra paperwork, lesson plans for the following week, progress reports, etc. 
  • After school - As of two weeks ago, I now come home and it's time for Insanity with Mr. Dunn. For those of you who don't know what Insanity is, I have two words for you: pure hell. I hate it. However, I am glad to finally be back on a workout schedule again. And even though the program is kicking my butt, I do feel better after I've sweated out the stresses of the day. (I'll keep you posted on results!)
  • After our workout together, it's time for dinner and lounging. Sometimes cleaning and errands get thrown in there, or dinners out with friends and family. I try really hard to not bring any school work home, but I'm also trying to not stay at school so late so it's hard to do both.
  • 9:30PM or 10:00PM - Bedtime (lame, I know, but 6:00AM comes quicker than you think) and then I start the cycle all over again. 
However.....this will be my typical schedule for only 22 more days, because then I will be on my summer schedule, which is usually no schedule at all! :)

What do your typical days look like?



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