Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Taking a Break

I have to stray from my usual list of things to blog about today for two reasons. 

One - It's End of Grade Testing week at school and I'm exhausted.

And Two - I have something completely unrelated to my list that I HAVE to share.

Obviously this past weekend was Mother's Day and I was super excited to spend the weekend with both of my amazing mothers! 

As I've already mentioned several times on this blog, my mom is pretty much the best and I feel honored to have any excuse to celebrate her wonderfulness.

I've also been extremely blessed with a wonderful mother-in-law. Not only has she been a significant role model in my life, but I've always seen her as a support system and (now more than ever) a friend. 

I realized this weekend though, that I probably don't tell either of these women how appreciative I am of them. My mom has done SO much for me over the years. Her passion for life, unconditional love, and constant strength are just a few of the things she's shared with me in my lifetime that I will forever be grateful for. 

It's my mother-in-law, however,  that gave me the most important thing in my life: my husband. And let me tell you.....she gave me a good one.


All my life I've had a pretty good idea of what I wanted in a mate. Loyalty, passion, commitment, etc. However, after being married for almost a year I've realized that it's the little things Robbie does, the values and expectations he has ingrained in him (from his mama) that make me fall in love with him all over again. 

I came home from school on Friday afternoon and saw four beautiful plants sitting on our front porch. My mother-in-law had told Robbie she wanted a plant for her garden for Mother's Day. While he was out picking it up, he (on his own mind you) decided to get one for our grandmas too. He didn't have to be asked or reminded. He just did it. It was Mother's Day, which in his mind meant every mother, even GRANDmothers deserved a small token of recognition. 

He also thought PUPPYmothers needed a teeny bit of recognition too. Robbie and I aren't planning on having children any time soon. (The four-legged kind are all we can handle right now...and some days that's pushing it.) But on Sunday morning I woke up to wet noses and a present from my very thoughtful husband - "for the mother of my dogs, of course."

All it needs is a picture of our sweet family and it'll be ready to hang in our NEW house. Yes, I said NEW (more to come on that later). 

I could spend hours blogging about all the reasons I am madly in love with this man, but I'll stop with here (for now). 

Thanks to all the mamas that are working so hard to raise wonderful children....they are our future after all! :)



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