Wednesday, May 9, 2012

13/30: Weakness

13/30: Describe five weaknesses you have.

1. Trusting too easily - I have a tendency to live in a very naive bubble at times and usually tend to see the good in people, even if it's not really there. Most of the time, I consider this a strength - a positive character trait of mine. However, sometimes, being so trusting and forgiving can get me in trouble, and sometimes taken advantage of.

2. Fiesta Ranch Dip - I am so obsessed with this stuff, I could eat it everyday! And on top of being absolutely delicious, it's super easy to make. Maybe I'll post the recipe one day....if I feel like giving out my secret ;).

3. Tears - I hide this weakness pretty well. "Dry up and move on" is a phrase used often in my classroom. As far as my kids are concerned, I don't have time for tears. However, inside it really breaks my heart to see my kids cry, especially when they're sincere tears. Shhh....don't tell my third graders!

4. Being oversensitive - Again, not something I particularly like to admit, but I can be a little sensitive sometimes. Like I said before, I tend to live in a very naive bubble and when it gets popped with a harsh does of reality I sometimes take it very personally. This year I've really been working on growing thicker skin. It's (kind of) working. 

5. Being a (tad bit) controlling - (Side note: I'm really becoming less and less of a fan of this post.) As I've mentioned before, I do have a slight case of OCD and tend to take the saying "my way or the highway" a little too seriously. I like to get my way and I like for things to be done my way. This has been something I've had to work on, especially now that I'm married and living with someone who does certain things differently than me.

I know I'm only supposed to do five but...

6. Sharing my opinion - I'm also a very opinionated person and I have a hard time keeping those opinions to myself. Again, most of the time I consider this a strength. However, it has been known to get me into some trouble in the past. 

This particular weakness also got me all fired up yesterday....and while I've calmed down a bit since then I did want to express my (brief) opinion here, because hey, this is what blogs are for, right?

Yesterday was election day in North Carolina and the big ticket item was Amendment One. Honestly, I was sick of hearing everyone's opinions about the amendment three weeks ago. Don't get me wrong, everyone's entitled to their opinion, and in the world we live in today, everyone's entitled to share it. But, with that being said, everyone's entitled to get tired of hearing about it as well.

Nevertheless, I made the mistake of logging on to Facebook yesterday and being sucked into everyone's "controversial" statuses and the "argumentative" comments that followed. I admit, I should have been able to avoid the drama and rise above, but instead I ended up doing the same thing I was getting so frustrated about and adding to the debate. It is what it is.

The issue with marriage shouldn't be what it looks like physically. We, as a society, are spending too much time focusing on only one aspect of the problem. Yes, I agree that people have forgotten how sacred a marriage is - 45%-50% of people to be exact (according to Marriage is a life-long commitment. Yet, only 52% of married couples are still together for even their 15th wedding anniversary. THIS is a problem and THIS is what we should be focusing our time and effort on, not necessarily through an amendment, but through a serious revaluation of what truly matters. 

{For more interesting disturbing facts about divorce click here.}

Okay, I'm done. :) 

Tune in tomorrow when I get to talk about my strengths - something I'll enjoy much more I'm sure!



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