Monday, September 10, 2012

Drum Roll Please

We have a winner, winner chicken dinner.

Okay...not really.
No chicken dinner involved.
But there is a fancy new gift card
to my most favoritist place.
That's right, Target. 

If your name is Mary
(and you got an email from me earlier this afternoon)
you should be jumping up and down right now!
Your Target gift card will soon be in the mail.

Now, if you refer back to Fridays post
where I was just a bundle of joy
thanks to new born babies,
weddings at the beach,
and tasty margaritas,
you'll understand the need for a short and sweet blog post today.

The wedding was wonderful!
The bride was absolutely stunning.
The groom beamed from ear to ear.
The band (that I contemplated selling my wedding dress to afford for my own wedding)
was wonderful!

Basically, it was fun weekend had by all.
And has left everyone feeling a little woozy the Monday after.

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

But I will preface by saying - Robbie was out of town for a football game
so I third wheeled it with my mom and stepdad
and about 13 of my mom's closest friends.
If you haven't heard about the "Tillies" yet, you are in for a treat.

They're basically a group of my mom's friends
that pretend to play bridge.
But really, they just get together and act like they're 21 again.
And really, there have been times where they've put even my friends to shame.
They are one of the funnest group of people I know
and this weekend was no exception.
(Robbie's devastated he missed out - really.)

We stayed at the cutest condo (one of my mom's friends, of course) that was decked out just like the Beverly Hills Hotel.

My stepdad with his "party goggles" at the after-rehearsal party.

{Sidenote: Notice the Bojangles in the background? Expect for the dinner at the wedding, that. was. all. we. ate. Bojangles three days in a row is not the best idea, just for future reference.}

Sweet family.

Yep, that would be my best friend aka "Mommy Rockstar" and her less than 48-hour old baby. 
Just posing for THE sweetest picture ever taken.

Little thirsty?

Photo booth fun - see what I mean. Funnest adults you'll ever meet.

Always up to something.

It was a GREAT weekend! 
and yes, I am still slightly recovering
at 5:00PM on Monday - no judgement.



  1. Great pics! Looks like it was a blast

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