Monday, September 17, 2012

Hey Guys! Hey! Hey!

It's me, Willow.

Mom has a bad case of the Mondays (whatever that means)
and plus I heard Erin's dog Maggie wrote a blog once.
If she can do it, so can I, right? Right!
I don't think mom will care if I take over for a day.
And if she does I'll just lick her face and give her these eyes.

I mean, seriously.
I never get in trouble with those puppy dog eyes.

Not with mom at least.
Dad is a whole other story.
Just today he got very angry with me.
But you know what, it wasn't even my fault really.

It was part Roxy's fault
(she's my bestest friend in case you didn't know)

and part that dumb cat's fault.

You see, dad let us out to tinkle 
because we're supposed to tinkle outside
(I'm getting muuuuuch better remembering that one by the way)
When all of a sudden this cat ran by our yard.
I really don't care about cats but for some reason Roxy got all excited
and she chased right after that cat
into the neighbor's yard.
Obviously I had to follow her, 
because that's what bestest friends do any way.

Daddy was reallllllllllly angry. 
He made Roxy wear her big black collar.
I used to think that thing was just for her.
And I was a little jealous 
cause we're supposed to have everything the same.

Well I learned what that big black thing was really all about this afternoon.
And let me tell you.
Roxy can keep that sucker all to herself.

Anyway, other than getting in trouble sometimes
I have a pretty great life. I think mommy wrote about it once before.
She wishes she could be me.
And really, who doesn't. 

I have lots of favorite things.
Roxy's my number one favorite thing.
One time she got a really big boo-boo 
and I helped take care of her.
It was the only time she let me snuggle with her.

Mom and dad said it was because of something called "the drugs"
whatever those are. 
I just think Roxy likes personal space sometimes.
Which is cool. 
Cause mommy will always snuggle with me.
Which is another one of my favorite things.

She calls me her little burrito.
I guess it's kinda cute.

I also love, love, love playing with my toys.
Especially my pinky.
We play together all the time.
Or sometimes we just perch on pillows.

Sometimes I play with tennis balls.
We have a huuuuuuge hallway at our new house
that's big enough for me to run and run and run. 
That's lots of fun.
Until the balls roll under furniture.
I try to get them out on my own but mostly I have to wait for help.
Which sometimes takes days.

Occasionally Roxy will share her toys with me.
But that's only sometimes 
(when she's not looking)
Besides, they're not really my size. 

Things have pretty been pretty good for me so far.
Mom says I'm the cutest thing she's ever seen
(as if this is supposed to surprise me.
I do know what a mirror 
I get lots of ice cubes - they're wonderful
except for they make my nose real cold.
And I'm even allowed to sleep in the bed every night now.
Mom and dad tried this thing where I slept in my own bed.
But it's just not as comfy as their's. 
So I very politely convinced them to just let me share.
I don't take up much room after all.

There was that one time when I had to take a bath.
And another time when dad tried to teach me to swim.
That was pretty terrible.


Anyway, that's all I've got for today. 
Mom looks like she could use some snuggles.

Thanks for letting me visit!

P.S. For those of who you are confused...I'm a dachshund. A piebald dachshund to be exact.
Daddy picked me out special for mommy when she graduated from college.
And boy are we glad he did!


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  1. This is too cute! You will make a great Mommy Blogger by the way :)